Intacct Acquisition Update: A Letter from CEO Jacki Tiso

Like many of you, I too just learned today about the acquisition of Intacct by the Sage Group. Whenever something like this happens, my first reaction is to want to immediately reach out to all JMT clients to give you my thoughts. I wish I could call and have a one-on-one conversation with each of you but for now, I hope this message will suffice.

When I first saw the email I was not surprised. I’ve been working with software companies since the 1990s and the nature of this business is that software is bought and sold all the time. Intacct has made no secret of the fact that it was private-equity funded and that changes were on the horizon. As an independent partner whose livelihood is attached to the health of the companies I partner with, I have absolutely no anxiety or concern about this.

As many of you will remember, JMT has partnered with Sage before; from the time that Sage purchased MIP Fund Accounting from its founders, until selling it a few years back. The Sage years coincided with some of the greatest growth in JMT’s history and I look back fondly on those years. Ultimately, that growth at JMT was a reflection of the fact that Sage was able to provide not only an excellent product but an excellent environment for partners like JMT, enabling us to thrive at what we do best–supporting you.  For that reason, I am excited to once again be part of the Sage ecosystem.

We chose to partner with Intacct because of its cutting-edge technology, commitment to customer success, and “whatever it takes” culture. Intacct will be operating as a unique and separate entity within Sage, retaining the same people and processes that have made it the incredible success it has become.

Through this and other changes that will always be part of the technology landscape, my promise to you is this:

  • JMT will be here to help you navigate the sometimes rough and unclear waters
  • We will be on the front lines, investigating changes in software trends
  • We will be your primary point of contact for support
  • We will be your advocate to the software companies

The world of technology is fluid and ever-changing. Through all of the incredible changes we have seen over the years, from floppy disks and DOS, to Windows and Pentium processors, to multi-tenant SaaS solutions, JMT has been here to support the nonprofit community.

Please do not hesitate to call (888.368.2463) or email any of the team at JMT!

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Jacqueline Tiso, CEO, and Founder, JMT Consulting


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