JMT Consulting Named to Sage Chairman’s Club


“We are very proud to work with business partners who are among the best in the industry,” said Tom Miller, VP of Channel Management for Sage. “Our thanks and congratulations for exceptional service to our customers go to our Sage President’s Circle and Chairman’s Club members for 2011.”


We received the news that for the 9th year we have been named to Sage President’s Circle and the 5th consecutive year we’ve been included in the Sage Chairman’s Club.  Both awards are for outstanding performation for the company’s 2011 business year.

It’s always nice to win awards and be acknowledged by your partners and colleagues.  But we are always aware that what this award really represents is that you, members of the nonprofit community, have put your trust in us.  We take that very seriously. And we are grateful and proud to be of service to the wonderful nonprofits that serve our communities and the world.

We thank you for trusting us.  We are committed to helping you achieve your mission.  The award from Sage simply reminds us of what you have already awarded us.  Thank you.


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