Abila Moves Decisively To Grow Nonprofit Market Presence with Acquisition of Avectra


Abila logo (from website)

Some of you may have heard some big news in the nonprofit software business this week.  Abila, formerly known as Sage Nonprofit Solutions, announced the acquisition of Avectra, a leading maker of fundraising and association management tools in the nonprofit sector.  JMT is currently a partner with both firms and welcomes the news. Avectra logo

JMT, the largest and most successful Abila partner, entered into partnership with Avectra in 2012, recognizing their penchant for innovation and top notch technology foundation.   Avectra’s portfolio of fundraising, social media and management tools should allow Abila to offer a complete, credible alternative to Blackbaud for just about any size nonprofit organization.

While best known in the Association Management space where they grew up, Avectra has designed and delivered a best in class fundraising tool, Avectra Social CRM, for sophisticated organizations that want to fully automate all aspects of their donor relationships including database, web, social and marketing automation.  For small, growing organizations that need a simple, yet capable way to attract and retain donors, Avectra is exclusively partnered with Bloomerang, a firm founded by industry veteran and pioneer, Jay Love.  Bloomerang delivers the goods in a simple, easy to configure platform that allows nonprofits to focus on their donors instead of trying to figure out their software.

The resulting portfolio of innovative, industry leading products should insure that Abila and its associated companies will make the short list for every nonprofit development and finance executive considering modernization of their systems.

At JMT, we take pains to carefully study and vet options available so we can make credible recommendations that genuinely benefit our clients.  If you have questions, or need advice about how to approach the due diligence process for new software, please contact us.

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