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We’ve worked with over 2,000 nonprofits since 1991 to deliver the finance and productivity solutions they need to reach their unique goals of sustainability and mission effectiveness. Here are just a few first-hand testimonials that detail their experiences having the JMT team as a trusted partner.

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“We have really found that JMT is a true partner. The knowledge of nonprofit organizations and the questions they asked were really important. They helped us to develop the structure to get us where we wanted to go.”

Christine Digiulio

“I believe that JMT’s work specifically with nonprofits is extremely beneficial for the simple reason that as nonprofits we deal with our own set of problems and JMT brings a tremendous resource for best practices and a network connection.”

Heidi Happy
Controller (former)

“We find all the staff at JMT absolutely wonderful. They’re helpful, informative, supportive, and always available. They understand the kind of climate that nonprofits operate in and the unique challenges they face.”

Yvette Rivera
Accounts Payable

“It’s a great benefit that JMT only works with nonprofits because nonprofits and for-profit companies are totally different. Identifying the needs of a nonprofit and solely focusing on that is exactly what you would want in a consulting group.”

Anthony Herrera
Financial Systems Manager

“I would wholeheartedly recommend JMT to any nonprofit organization looking for assistance. They are very dedicated and are very knowledgeable.”

Thomas Galicia
Accounting Manager

“It was helpful that JMT only works with and understands the needs of a nonprofit. They were able to advise us on how to pull different reports for our 990 and for the board”

Brad Hermes

“I almost feel like [JMT] is family. [JMT] gets to know their client and their mission and ultimately, that translates into assisting and helping us to do what we need to do.”

Matt Kerner
director of finance (former)

“We chose JMT because they “blew the doors” off all of the other partners I looked at. They were more professional, knowledgeable and had a much better resume.”

Kathleen Quinn
Finance Director

“JMT does not make us go through channels. Everyone from the CEO down is always accessible to us and willing to help!”

Devan Chapman
Senior Program Manager

“JMT gives us a lot of flexibility. I can pick up the phone or send an email and get an immediate response without having to schedule support months out in advance.”

Kayce Halstead
Senior Financial Analyst

“The people I’ve talked to and worked with from the consulting to implementation have been exceptional. They not only sell you a system, but they continue to work with you to accomplish your goals. JMT has been great in every way!”

Glenn Hale

“JMT is a great firm, staffed by friendly experts who go the extra mile to help us. Their implementation and support teams are wonderful. I know I can call and get help right away. I’d recommend JMT and MIP to any nonprofit organization.”


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