Nonprofit Software Systems Integration

Technology That Doesn't Work Together Doesn't Help You.

Reclaim and repurpose your resources by making your technologies play nice together.

Most organizations use a variety of different tools to manage their back office processes. These may include ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll, Billing, and more.

 All of these systems, in one way or another, act as repositories for financial transactions and other valuable business data, and most organizations do not have any integration between these systems.

Technology that does not work together can cause a number of problems, such as:

  • Siloed data
  • Time wasted via duplicate data entry between systems
  • Complex offline data manipulation to facilitate export/import integration
  • Lack of ability to consistently reconcile data between systems

As organizations grow and management reporting requirements become more sophisticated, the finance department will need ways to become more efficient. Furthermore, regulatory changes are requiring finance teams to take a more holistic view of financial results in the context of operational data.

Tailored Solutions for Your NFP

JMT will help your organization evaluate systems integration options and tailor a solution based on your resources and potential ROI.
We will work with you to transfer knowledge to your personnel so it can be maintained and enhanced as future needs inevitably change.

See the power of the possible – seamless integration across all aspects of your fundraising process, which will reduce the potential for error and free you to work on the things you’re best at.