Nonprofit Grant Management Services

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As the Administrator, You are responsible for Compliance

Grant-funded nonprofits understand that every dollar of grant funding has compliance overhead associated with it. Funders have strictly defined how grant dollars can be spent and organizations who receive those funds are responsible for tracking and reporting activity related to grant budgets to make sure grant dollars are not over or under-spent.

Things can get complicated if your  current systems struggles to:

  • Clearly, segregate grant financial activity
  • Track independent grant budgets and provide timely budget-to-actual comparisons
  • Track grants on a different fiscal calendar than your organization
  • Efficiently allocate indirect and administrative costs allowable under the grant award

With the changing regulatory environment (2 CFR 200 aka Uniform Guidance), it’s very important that organizations carefully examine their grant accounting systems to make sure they are optimized for these updated regulations as well as changing requirements coming from the FASB.

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