Business Process & Workflow Improvement

If your nonprofit is evolving, why isn't your business process?

Sometimes those that made the original decisions about configuration and optimization of financial tools have moved on. Without investing in your business systems, you can be left in the lurch as circumstances and requirements both change over time.

Some common issues you may be experiencing:

  • Unable to track financial or operational activity at the right level of granularity
  • Getting usable, timely data our of your systems is difficult or impossible, leading to substantial offline work in the form of (gasp!) spreadsheets
  • Some processes have exploded in scope, creating a substantial burden on finance to manage manual processes, costing your team hours on end

One of the most valuable services we offer to our clients is the objective analysis of your existing systems and processes, in the context of your unique workflow and requirements, to better equip your organization to deliver on it’s mission. Whether you are contending with inadequate tools, or simply need to address configuration and related business process re-engineering, JMT can help you get to your ideal point B.