JMT Consulting Announces New Program Facilitating Fast, Affordable Budgeting and Planning Implementations for Vena Solutions

AUSTIN, TX — JMT Consulting Group, the largest independent financial consulting and technology firm dedicated to nonprofit organizations, has announced a new program specifically designed for organizations in need of a quick and affordable way to manage budgeting and planning, both during times of economic uncertainty and beyond: JumpStart for Vena Solutions. The program will feature implementation, leasing, training, and ongoing support from JMT Consulting’s nonprofit experts for Vena’s industry-leading cloud-based financial planning and analysis software.

JMT Consulting - Partnering with Vena Software

With the recent global pandemic and the resulting economic downturn forcing many organizations to re-assess their planned forecasts and budgetary spending, JMT is proud to offer nonprofits a viable avenue through which they can access Vena’s robust Excel-driven budgeting and planning solution from wherever their teams are operating. 

“Our goal with JumpStart for Vena Solutions is to arm nonprofits with a method of staying agile in their planning and make them feel confident in methodology. This implementation program will absolutely fulfill that need and we are excited to be able to provide pricing and timeline options that make it more accessible than ever before,” shared Andy Harleman, Director of Sales at JMT Consulting. 

Highlights of the program include: 

  • Expedited implementation, with an option to get up and running on Vena Solutions in just one week
  • Less administration with up-to-date financials and budget templates
  • The ability to maintain an Excel framework while leveraging Vena’s cloud-based infrastructure
  • Monthly billing cycles and no upfront costs

For nonprofit organizations looking for a more hands-off approach to budgeting and planning, JMT provides additional options for ongoing managed administration by a team of their nonprofit experts. 

Learn more about JumpStart for Vena Solutions here.