JMT Consulting Awarded Vena Solutions 2021 Partner of the Year

JMT Consulting Group, the largest independent financial consulting and technology firm dedicated to serving nonprofit organizations, is pleased to announce they have been awarded 2021 Partner of the Year by Vena Solutions.

“Partner of the Year is established through a bunch of different metrics, but mostly for me it’s about a partner who is creating real value in our market and real value for our shared clients,” shares Hunter Madley, CEO, Vena Solutions. “[JMT] has a long history of building wonderful relationships, building wonderful implementations, and really bringing both technology and a point of view on how to run a business and an organization in a way that we believe is the right way to marry financial, strategic, and operational plans.”

JMT Consulting has been a Vena Solutions partner since 2018, earning membership in the top ‘Advanced’ tier of Vena’s partner program upon its introduction earlier this year. JMT’s team of nonprofit experts have helped dozens of organizations make the transition to Vena’s powerful excel-based budgeting & planning solution, providing expert-led implementation services, ongoing support, and outsourced management options related to the software.

“We are proud to have been recognized for the sales and marketing success we have achieved this year,” said Jaqueline M. Tiso, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, JMT Consulting. “We recorded significant year-over-year revenue growth as a result of consistent and targeted marketing efforts and customer-first outreach programs in the nonprofit community. We are excited to continue to help nonprofits achieve their missions with greater visibility and sustainability by implementing best-in-class budgeting & planning solutions like Vena.”

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