JMT Consulting Celebrates National Nonprofit Day by Giving Back to Communities

JMT Consulting Group, the largest financial and operational excellence consulting and technology firm dedicated to serving nonprofit organizations, had employees assist in their local community nonprofit missions in honor of National Nonprofit Day.

Somewhere a volunteer reads to school children. At the same time, a patient receives steady medication. A lawyer provides legal services for low-income individuals. This celebrated day reminds us of these scenes and many others are provided by the nonprofit sector.

“We are tremendously proud of the work that our clients do in their communities and we are happy to give back on this important day,” shared Jacqueline M. Tiso, CEO of JMT Consulting Group.

Each year, National Nonprofit Day is celebrated across the U.S. and internationally on August 17. National Nonprofit Day highlights the importance of nonprofits and the work that they do locally, nationally, and internationally. JMT Consulting Group’s day of service took place across the U.S.