JMT Consulting Launches PowerUP, Outsourced Accounting for Nonprofits

Nashville, TN: JMT Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a new service, outsourced accounting for nonprofits. This offering expands JMT’s suite of services by providing nonprofit expertise on demand.

“Our goal is to provide nonprofits reliable, trusted, and expert accounting and financial services to support their organizations so they can focus on their mission,” states JMT Founder and CEO, Jacqueline M. Tiso. “We’re excited to work alongside our nonprofit partners to provide the knowledge and hands-on assistance to complete their accounting tasks. Whether ensuring upstream or downstream impacts are considered or driving best practices across tools and functions, we are committed to fostering operational excellence.”

“PowerUP is a comprehensive outsourced service for nonprofits who need accounting assistance due to limited budgets, headcount, or expertise,” says JMT Consulting COO, Stephanie Rose-Belcher. “Nonprofits can immediately benefit from the knowledge and expertise of JMT’s PowerUP staff. Since JMT is familiar with accounting software and integrations, outsourced accounting is a natural extension of our partner relationship.”

PowerUP is outsourced accounting services provided to nonprofit organizations, billed by the hour. Whether helping with day-to-day tasks after software implementation or serving as a virtual staff accountant, JMT can quickly adapt to the nonprofit’s existing operations and hit the ground running.

Staffed by nonprofit accounting experts, the PowerUP solution by JMT includes assistance with all aspects of accounting, to include reporting, analysis, audits, forecasting, budgeting, education, and training.

About JMT Consulting Group: JMT Consulting is specialized financial consulting and digital transformation company that specializes in keeping up with exactly what a nonprofit needs to run their business, scale their technology and ultimately grow their donor base. With a tight team of experienced and objective industry veterans offering personalized technology platforms, JMT has a proven track record of growing non-profits with personalized solutions better and faster than anyone else.