Strengthen Nonprofit Security with Cloud-Based Management Systems



Evidence of data breaches and cyber-attacks make the headlines almost daily. These threats, in addition to increased privacy requirements, are triggering nonprofit organizations to take a more critical look at existing technology. As the chief financial officer (CFO), you need to make sure financial, employee and donor information is protected. A cloud-based management system provides an added layer of security that you need to safeguard sensitive information.


Most nonprofit organizations don’t employ a team of skilled IT experts and must instead rely on the guidance of outsourced IT support. Increased pressure to protect the privacy of sensitive donor and membership information, as well as other regulatory compliance obligations, is putting data security in the spotlight. As indicated in this eBook, “21 Questions Every Nonprofit CFO Must Ask When Evaluating Cloud Financial Management Solutions,” a cloud-based financial management solution offers greater data control and security measures that can be further strengthened with the support of a reputable cloud provider.


The Right Cloud Provider Can Support Data Protection and Donor Privacy


When replacing outdated systems with more modern technology, it’s important to choose both the software and the provider very carefully. Experienced cloud providers will provide your nonprofit organization with a secure environment for data that utilizes the most current standards and technology, all of which is managed by a team of security and data management experts. These added layers of cutting-edge security are likely stronger than what most nonprofits are able to provide for themselves or through a local IT firm with basic security expertise. When deploying a cloud-based system, nonprofit leaders, and the cloud provider should also work together to develop a plan that ensures the security of your data after the system is deployed. You may set up operational guidelines for your staff that mirror regulatory practices and create procedures for secure data entry and access. You may also choose to permit or restrict access to certain features  of the cloud-based system or data for employees, volunteers, the board of directors or other supporters.


Data security and donor privacy is becoming an increasingly important issue facing nonprofits today. The management systems that you have in place must be able protect your data. Download the eBook and contact JMT Consulting Group to learn how to strengthen security with the support of a cloud-based management system and an experienced cloud provider.


By JMT Consulting Group, national provider of technology and services to the nonprofit sector