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11 Reasons You’ll Love Sage Grant Management

If your organization relies heavily on grant funding, you need an automated system that addresses every stage of the grant life cycle, from application to final reporting.  Using spreadsheets is frustrating, time-consuming, and prone to data entry errors or incomplete reports.

Here are 11 reasons we think you’d love Sage Grant Management:

  1. It has built in success measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  2. There are intelligence dashboards that provide instant visibility into performance for any program or grant
  3. It has easy to use reporting tools with grant-specific reports for success measures, performance, and budgets
  4. You can streamline project management and encourage greater collaboration
  5. You’ll enjoy organization-wide document sharing, including document tracking and version control
  6. Advanced budgeting capabilities are available to you, including multiple budget templates, line-item budgeting, and pro-forma budgeting for grant application
  7. Workflow management to improve productivity and efficiency across the organization
  8. Access to contact and communication management to build donor relationships
  9. Ability to track grant applications, including data tracking and reminders to help you manage your entire grant pipeline
  10. Internal controls to ensure the highest levels of accountability and security
  11. Seamless integration with Sage Fund Accounting providing up to the minute program and grant balance tracking, indicators, and financial oversight

By effectively managing the grant pipeline, Sage Grant Management can help ensure your organization applies for enough grants to fund its mission and to provide a stable cash flow.  It also enables executives to review organizational performance at-a-glance and make informed decisions about programs, grants, and future plans.

Have additional questions?  Want to get started using this powerful application immediately?  Give us a call we’re happy to help – 1-888-368-2463.

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