Lightning Strikes for Mental Health Association of Connecticut and JMT Consulting


You could say that symbolically it was a case of lightning striking – Mental Health Association of Connecticut (MHAC) finding the perfect fund accounting solution and a great solution provider in JMT Consulting.  But it was also, literally, a case of lightning striking.

“We had purchased the software, installed it, tested it and were planning to go live on a Monday,” recalls Robert Mercado, Chief Financial Officer for MHAC.  “Over the weekend there were thunderstorms and lightning struck our server.  Our JMT consultant came in on Monday and rather than helping us go live, assisted us with setting up a new server and running the back up.  We were back in business in one day.”

MHAC is a statewide not-for-profit agency that provides direct services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness, presents workshops about mental health, and mounts reform efforts to help shape state policies and laws.  MHAC has been working for over 100 years to bring about effective treatments, enlightened ideas, and a just system of care so that people recovering their mental health can get back to happy and productive lives in the community.  Their services include recovery from mental illness, residential care, supported employment, independence center, information and referral and state wide support groups.

“Being able to report on 25 different programs in a timely and accurate manner ties directly to having a good fund accounting program,” notes Mercado.  “We chose Sage MIP Fund Accounting because of the ease and flexibility in setting up the chart of accounts, the rich and easy to use reporting capabilities, and the fact that it was a very cost-effective investment for us.  We see great improvements in the software functionality every year.”

“However, our success with the system is directly tied to the way JMT has worked with us,” says Mercado.  “JMT assisted us in thinking through the chart of accounts as well as setting it up.  They helped us prepare for the future because of the thought put into the design.  We’re able to easily add new programs as they are developed and launched.”  Mercado also credits JMT with helping them develop the reports that would be critical to funding requirements as well as the strategic operations of the organization.

In addition to the work done on the chart of accounts and reporting, Mercado has high praise for JMT’s training services, “They truly made us proficient on the software.  We don’t struggle with the software; we know what we’re doing.  It’s not just an afterthought; they design the training so that you master the software.”

When asked the reason for the long partnership with JMT, Mercado points to the JMT team, “It’s really the people.  The first person I ever met was Jacqueline Tiso the owner, who was wonderful.  The remarkable thing is that every other person I’ve met from the company is equally as committed, knowledgeable and responsive.  It’s really the people that keep the relationship going.”

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