Much Ado About Nothing


As many of you may or may not have been aware, last week Sage released their regular mid-year report for investors and market analysts.  Unfortunately, the wording in some areas of the report was poorly chosen identifying some products as “core” and others as “non-core”.  This caused all manner of responses, including glee from competitors seeing a marketing sales opportunity, angst from Sage partners over how it would affect them, and potential concern from users of certain Sage products as to the future of those products.  Frankly, last week reminded me of the story Chicken Little, which I used to tell my children when they were young.  If anyone remembers the tale, it is about a chicken running around saying “The sky is falling; the sky is falling.”  Well, the chickens were definitely running around last week.  But just as in the story, the sky is not falling.

As an independent consulting firm, JMT takes care to evaluate software solutions and the software vendors that will best meet the needs of our nonprofit clients, not just for today, but long-term.  Our evaluation process for solutions that we will recommend is an in-depth one and done on an annual basis, with forward usability a key factor.  Sage 100 Fund Accounting (best known as MIP) is one of the strongest financial management solutions for nonprofits in the market place, has consistently passed our evaluation process, and this week’s news has not changed that evaluation.

At the end of the day, we are consultants working in our nonprofit client’s best interests.  We are not software vendors.  So if you start receiving marketing pieces whose aim is to create fear, uncertainty and doubt (or in sales lingo “FUD”) around Sage’s news, please remember the tale of Chicken Little and give us a call. As independent consultants, we will objectively answer any questions an organization may have on the Sage nonprofit solutions they currently use or may be evaluating for the future.