Net Promoter Score: What It Is and How It Can Improve Your Sage Intacct Experience


On an annual basis, our valued Sage Intacct clients can expect to be asked to participate in a NPS survey administered by a third party on behalf of the publisher. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and it has become a standard key performance indicator of customer loyalty and success for businesses since 2003. SaaS companies like Intacct use NPS (along with many other metrics) to gauge a customer’s likelihood of sticking around and referring their platform to others.

So why should the busy accountant staff and executive leadership of nonprofits take the time to fill out the NPS survey? It is a quick survey with only a few questions, using a simple scale of 1 to 10. Any additional commentary is optional, but very appreciated. Here is how your feedback can make a difference.

Influence the product roadmap.

Intacct listens to your feedback. With quarterly updates to the platform, this is one way to push for the addition of features and functions not currently available that nonprofits need.

Support and training solutions.

JMT is also looking at the survey feedback to see whether we need to offer more training on a topic to all our clients, or if we need to address your unique situation one on one.

Improve market research for your peers.

A key component of the NPS program is that it’s a standard measurement used by companies worldwide—so you can easily benchmark Sage Intacct’s NPS score against other ERP providers.

When you take the survey, you help us to improve your experience with Sage Intacct and JMT. Thank you advance for your participation!