Nonprofits Need to Choose Management Systems and Providers with Care


Today’s nonprofit organizations have unique operational needs that most basic software can’t support. Choosing a management system and a software provider can be a daunting process; however, these decisions are necessary for the continued success of your nonprofit. Here are several tips for finding a cloud-based management solution that meets your needs as well as an experienced software provider that can support you and your systems long term.

As noted in “21 Questions Every Nonprofit CFO Must Ask When Evaluating Cloud Financial Management Solutions,” an eBook, technology is changing and it offers nonprofits new opportunities to streamline operations, strengthen compliance and regulatory reporting, improve membership services, and focus on competition for funding. There are many different management systems to choose from, as well as providers in the marketplace, but not all software or providers have the qualifications or experience needed to address the complicated situations faced by nonprofits. Separate the experts from the amateurs by asking these key questions:

Choosing the Right Software

  1. Do other nonprofit organizations use this software and does it deliver measurable benefits?
  2. Can the solution remain aligned with operations, through growth and changes?
  3. How is the system upgraded and will training be provided as new features or functions are added?

Choosing the Right Provider

  1. Do you have experience working with nonprofit organizations?
  2. Will the consultants assigned to our implementation project also have experience with nonprofits?
  3. Does your firm work exclusively with nonprofits? If not, what percentage of your business includes nonprofit organizations?

Ask these tough questions and get the answers that you need to be confident with your selection of software and provider. The experts at JMT Consulting Group work solely with nonprofit organizations and are well versed with the challenges they face on a daily basis. With extensive experience that has been finely tuned over 25 years and partnerships with over 2,000 nonprofit organizations, our team can answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make these important decisions. Download the eBook and contact JMT Consulting Group for guidance with strengthening your nonprofit and supporting your mission.

By JMT Consulting Group, national provider of technology and services to the nonprofit sector