Technology = Investment in Mission


A recent article in Philanthropy Journal featured advice from Mike Mann, a self-described “social capitalist and serial entrepreneur”, who has dedicated himself and his companies’ profits to help charitable organizations establish strong business models and expand the impact of their programs and services.

There were three things in the article that stood out to me as important advice for our clients and other organizations that are struggling to establish a sustainable funding and operational model.

  1. Technology is an investment, not simply overhead – failure to put the right technologies to use in the furthering of your mission will result in your organization ultimately being pushed to the sideline as those organizations that do so successfully move past and attract the limited funding dollars available.
  2. Leveraging certain technologies may be beyond your experience, but it isn’t necessarily rocket science.  Social media is baffling to many people, but to the generation entering the workforce today, it is familiar and uncomplicated.  Take advantage of this.
  3. Funders are ready and willing to help fund your investment in technology and sustainable business models, but you need to seek them out and you need to make yourself and your story easy to find.

Keeping these concepts in mind as you do resource planning for your organization may help provide that critical differentiation that helps take you to the next level.

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