Time Extension for New York Nonprofits

The state of New York is granting an automatic 6 month extension to those that file the Annual Financial Report CHAR500.
“Effective immediately, the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau will grant an automatic 180 day extension of time to file an Annual Financial Report due pursuant to the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law and/or Article 7-A of the Executive Law. A written request is not required. Registered charitable organizations must file their Form CHAR500 (NYS Annual Filing for Charitable Organizations) and all required attachments and fees within 180 days of the statutory deadline.
Please note that the Charities Bureau’s policy does not affect the Internal Revenue Service’s requirement to file requests for extension of time to file or any similar requirement of any other state. Charitable organizations that are required to file requests for an extension of time to file with the Internal Revenue Service must keep such documents as part of their financial records for at least three years and make them available to the Charities Bureau upon request.
Pursuant to Title 13 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations, the Charities Bureau may, in its discretion, deny an extension regardless of whether a corresponding extension request has been approved by the IRS.” from www.charitiesnys.com
CHAR500 Annual Filing Due Dates By Registration Category (7A, DUAL, EPTL)
Fiscal Year 
7A or DUAL 
Filing Due
7A or DUAL 
Extended Due Date
EPTL Only 
Filing Due
EPTL Only 
Extended Due Date 
January 31 June 15 December 15 July 31 January 31
February 28 July 15 January 15 August 31 February 28
March 31 August 15 February 15 September 30 March 31
April 30 September 15 March 15 October 31 April 30
May 31 October 15 April 15 November 30 May 31
June 30 November 15 May 15 December 31 June 30
July 31 December 15 June 15 January 31 July 31
August 31 January 15 July 15 February 28 August 31
September 30 February 15 August 15 March 31 September 30
October 31 March 15 September 15 April 30 October 31
November 30 April 15 October 15 May 31 November 30
December 31 May 15 November 15 June 30 December 31

Charitable organizations filing for an extension of time to file with the Internal Revenue Service are required to keep those documents for a minimum of three years and make them available to the Charities Bureau upon request.


The automatic extended filing deadline will benefit charitable organizations and reduce paperwork. However, certain state and city agencies have not updated their procedures in response to this change. Therefore, organizations may still receive notices from certain agencies requesting copies of the filed extension. The federal extension and a copy of the official notice should be provided. Once the other state and city agencies update their procedures, another alert will be issued. -CohnReznick