Why JMT Chose ADP

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Extensive due diligence led us to ADPTotalSource®

JMT Consulting was outsourcing HR-related functions and benefits to multiple vendors. The firm conducted extensive due diligence on five professional employer organizations (PEOs), before choosing ADP TotalSource. Here’s what set ADP® apart from the competition.

For more than 30 years, JMT Consulting (JMT) has specialized in advising nonprofit organizations on software solutions to improve back-office operations. More specifically, they help develop, implement, and support customized accounting, finance, productivity, and HR solutions.

JMT has 43 employees, spread across 10 states, and 3 in Australia. To compete for talent with larger organizations, JMT offers a very generous benefits package that includes covering 90 percent of an employee’s insurance costs, an attractive 401(k) match, and other perks. Given its one-person HR department, JMT needed to outsource payroll, some administration functions, benefits, and compliance.

Research, research, research

Before deciding to partner with a professional employer organization (PEO), JMT had to address certain management concerns, including the perception that they may lose control over their employees. Against this backdrop, JMT conducted extensive due diligence to determine if a PEO made sense from an employee relationship, cost, and service perspective.

The process included a team of stakeholders from across the organization. After narrowing the field down to five PEOs, the team took a rigorous data-driven approach where each PEO was evaluated and scored based on product demos, day-to-day service support and series of interviews, which included 40 in-depth questions and scenarios. The team also carefully assessed payroll procedures, benefits offerings, system capabilities, compliance guidance, and overall costs.

“In every category we looked at, ADP checked all the boxes. Their costs, services and features made ADP TotalSource the clear winner.”

Quick facts

Company: JMT Consulting
Locations: 10 states
Headquarters: Patterson, NY
Industry: Consulting services for nonprofit organizations
Employees: 43
Product: ADP TotalSource
Business challenge: JMT was looking to improve their HR capabilities, streamline internal processes and reduce expenses, while maintaining high-level benefits for its employees.
How ADP helped: ADP TotalSource onestop HR technology and expertise helped JMT significantly reduce its benefits costs and improve the tools and abilities within their HR Administration.
JMT Partners with ADP HR Software

Realizing costs and timing savings

ADP’s size and purchasing power enabled JMT to offer employees Fortune 500-caliber benefits, while significantly lowering their costs.

ADP also handled the time-consuming task of benefits administration. Previously, Tony Reid, HR Director of the company’s one-person department, had to fill out every form, turn them in and work with their benefits broker to ensure everything was done correctly. This was in addition to the time he spent researching, evaluating, and negotiating insurance policies. With TotalSource, employees enrolled in benefits online and had access to advisors to help answer benefits questions.

“The additional HR and benefits administration support has freed up 25%–35% of my time, allowing me to focus on more strategic initiatives such as HR processes and staff development.”

“ADP TotalSource can save an organization money from a benefits perspective. And it gives companies better managerial rigor around managing their employees.”

Trusted HR advisory and compliance team

Prior to TotalSource, JMT had retained an outside employment lawyer for guidance on HR legal matters. Now they have a dedicated HR Business Partner and team of specialists to help with day-to-day tasks like compliance questions, handling employee issues and addressing turnover, as well as ongoing input on federal and state-specific regulatory changes — all of which reduces the company’s risk exposure.

A powerful all-in-one HR system

From a technology perspective, TotalSource has allowed JMT’s HR, benefits, and payroll data to be fully integrated, enabling reporting to be run more quickly and easily. The manual processes for payroll have been eliminated, saving at least two hours each pay cycle. In addition, JMT gained a “safety net” from ADP to ensure they remain in compliance. This is especially critical, as JMT has employees in multiple states, each with their unique rules and regulations.

Taking advantage of all TotalSource offers

JMT anticipates leveraging the breadth and depth of TotalSource features and services, including the ability to further streamline their HR functions, participate in online and in-person training courses, and access ADP’s benchmarking and compensation data to drive employee retention strategies and future business decisions.

“I trust the team we have in place, and their knowledge was so vast compared to the other PEOs we considered. When it comes to responsiveness, they’re unparalleled. I haven’t seen anything like it.”