Planned Giving In The Pandemic Era with Tony Martignetti

Hosted by JMT Consulting
Thursday, September 30 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
Online Webinar

Planned Giving remains an appropriate—in fact, essential—part of your fundraising program. Tony Martignetti is a lawyer but he doesn’t talk like one. In plain language—weaving in his stand-up comedy—he’ll explain the basics of Planned Giving and lessons learned from 2020.

This webinar is most valuable for small- and mid-size nonprofits that have at least a 5-year history and donors who are 55+ years old. If you’re not there yet, join us to plan for your future. 

What you’ll learn:

  • What Planned Giving is
  • Who are your best prospects
  • Where do you start
  • How does Planned Giving fit in the pandemic era

Tony Martignetti


Tony Martignetti is the evangelist for Planned Giving. He’s been starting and growing Planned Giving programs since 1997. A former attorney, he’s now launched Planned Giving Accelerator, a membership community to create 1,000+ new Planned Giving programs in the U.S. It’s at

In the Air Force, during the Reagan years, Tony controlled the keys to 10 nuclear missiles pointed at the Soviet Union. Off duty, the keys started his Toyota.