4 Essential Technologies that Every Nonprofit Finance Department Should Be Utilizing in 2021

Technology is constantly evolving — and so is your nonprofit and the roles within it. Do you feel confident that your nonprofit is set up in a way that allows it to evolve with a changing technological landscape while still keeping its mission top of mind? If you’re prepared for 2021 but haven’t thought much beyond that, you may already be behind the curve. If you hear words like Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence and wonder if your nonprofit is investing in the right solutions for the future, you won’t want to skip this informative video.

In this session, JMT Consulting’s Founder and CEO, Jacqueline Tiso, discusses the future of technology and financial management for nonprofits. Jacqueline covers:

  • Emerging technologies to catapult nonprofits into the future, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
  • The vision for finance and operations of the future
  • The resources necessary to evolve with technology

Interested in learning how JMT can help your nonprofit invest in the right solutions for the future?