An Introduction to Mission Driven Strategic Planning with John Davidoff

[Featuring John Davidoff | Founder, Davidoff Strategy] At Davidoff Strategy, we developed our Mission-Driven strategic planning approach out of our own dissatisfaction with traditional strategy processes. We saw too many organizations that were strong operators, but weak at responding strategically to changing dynamics from within the organization as well as external factors (e.g., economy, politics, technology, etc.). They inevitability got themselves in trouble because strong operations do not necessarily lead to growth. Mission-Driven strategic planning is a comprehensive methodology that engages internal and external stakeholders, challenges organizational assumptions, and disrupts operational patterns to generate new possibilities and unanticipated pathways.

In this session, learn what it takes to build a Mission-Driven strategic plan. Discover why the transformation of an organization and its team members is essential to achieving new levels of potential, outcomes, and effectiveness. Additionally, participants will begin to imagine how their organization might benefit from a strategy that re-aligns their organization and culture towards growth, transformation, and greater effectiveness.

CATEGORIES: Expert Speaker Series