Benefits of Hosting Your Accounting Software in the Cloud, Featuring Community Brands MIP

[Featuring Dan Wharton | Customer Account Manager, JMT Consulting]

Having the ability to work from home is no longer a fringe benefit offered by employers, but rather a part of the ‘new normal’ that organizations could have to accommodate for some time. The COVID-19 global pandemic has shown us that organizations will need to shift their thinking and make Cloud software part of their standard operating procedure.

However, hosting your fund accounting software in the Cloud is not the only part of the equation. We must ask ourselves questions such as, does your nonprofit have processes in place to manage a remote team? Are documents, approvals, expense reports and payments also digital? What if a check needs to be signed?

Join JMT Consulting as we review what types of requirements and best practices should be in place during a crisis. Explore how Community Brands MIP® can meet those system needs so your organization can run efficiently at any time, in any location.

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