JMT + Vena = The Perfect Budgeting & Planning Combination

When you hear “the perfect combination” you probably think peanut butter and jelly, burgers and fries, and other fantastic food groupings, but have you ever thought about the perfect IT combination? We have! JMT Consulting + Vena Solutions = the perfect combination to meet the unique needs of nonprofit financial planning and analysis. As the premier provider of ERP and financial solutions focused solely on nonprofit organizations, JMT Consulting pairs perfectly with Vena Solutions to take your love of Excel and achieve accurate budgets in a fraction of the time!

In this session, we discuss how our consulting, implementation, and training services in combination with Vena’s powerful, flexible FP&A tool create the perfect solution for your nonprofit’s financial planning and analysis needs.

Ready to learn more about how Vena can help your organization and how JMT makes the process easy and affordable?

Lauren Hogan: Okay Hello everyone, thank you all for joining us today for JMT and Vena equal the perfect budgeting and planning combination.

My name is lauren hogan i'm a regional marketing coordinator here at JMT we're very excited to have some of our own correct Chris rata Cone who is our client account manager and Nick renfro who is our solution specialist.

Just a couple of housekeeping notes, before I turn it over to them, if you have any questions during the webinar today, please go ahead and submit them into the Q amp a section.

And we'll save them all until the end of the presentation, but don't hesitate to submit them as they come.

Also, just a reminder that we will send you both some handouts, and the recording of today's webinar within 24 hours after it has concluded and with that i'll go ahead and turn it over to you, Chris to get us.

Christopher Radicone: Thank you so much lauren again everybody, thank you for joining us today it's great to be here we're gonna try to have some fun talking about data and GMT and how they are the perfect combination so let's get started, shall we.

Alright, so of course we are damn it.

Again, for those that don't know who I am.

I want to introduce myself, my name is Chris radical i've been with J amp T for four years, I worked in different areas of GMT I started on the MIT side and i'm now.

very happy working with the intact folks.

And I have a background and come from the children's aid society in New York City and have also worked with other consultants.

Firms prior to my time here, and so this has just been a an organic you know, an organic trajectory for me here and so i'm so happy to be joining everyone today and i'm very, very excited to talk about something that I am personally passionate about here at jm T.

I also want to introduce we have Nick renfro our he's our jm T solution specialist he is a heck of a guy glad he's able to join us today, he is.

going to sort of walk us through banner, and some of the highlights that it has to offer so Nick if you want to introduce yourself say a little bit about your You know yourself and then we'll get going.

Nick Renfroe: Thanks Chris yeah i'm Nick renfro good afternoon everybody i've been with GMT for about five months now implementing been a.

Recent graduate back in May, during the pandemic from belmont university here in nashville Tennessee graduated with an economics degree in accounting minors so jumped right in a couple months later, joining jm T and been implementing venison.

Christopher Radicone: Thank you so much Nikki is quickly rising through the ranks so keep an eye out for this guy he's a he's gonna he's gonna own this company one day.

Alright, so.

Again, for those of you who don't know Jay mtr.

We have been in the nonprofit space for 30 years jm T actually as of this January marks 30 years.

it's pretty impressive Jackie Tito has dealt jm T from a kitchen table idea to working with over 2000 nonprofits across the country with a goal of supporting each organization's individual mission.

Really, our goal here is to put the tools in your hands to be successful, so here's to another 30 years and really quick, as you can see, on this map, here we have quite a saturation in the northeast and east coast, but we are.

You know, we have clients across the country from coast to coast, we have offices in New York nashville Austin Texas, we have numerous remote employees across the country and.

For the first time we are now considered an international company.

We have an office in now in Australia, and it has been a joy and a pleasure to meet and learn and talk with all of them, and you know.

it's been fantastic so again, the growth trajectory for J amp T is we're on the right path, and we hope you can agree so join us what you for this fun presentation about janti consulting and vendor the perfect combination.

We want to talk today about bringing together a first class FP amp a solution with the leaders in the nonprofit space.

So, before I go to the next slide I want everyone to sort of think you know when you're thinking winning combinations, what do you think of Batman and Robin sure why not spaghetti and meatballs yeah okay.

It looks like we actually have a seven responded let's see what they have to say.

i'm not so sure about that TV and films rob Schneider I don't really think about GMT and then add lemon tuna fish in fact that sounds disgusting actually.

JMT is a winning combination in more of the kin to peanut butter and jelly were two separate but amazing condiments can come together and make a fantastic sandwich so let's talk about that sandwich shall we.

So let's first talk about what is Vienna because you're hearing me talk about it quite a bit.

Then it is a financial planning and analysis solution that connects people existing systems and data to enable planning that is powered by reliable instantaneous insights.

There excel interface combines unmatched integrated planning capabilities, with the world's leading grid as excel, we all know.

Allowing teams across the organization to work together under a shared vision, using a platform they already know and customers choose that for free known ease of use flexibility performance and scalability.

So the best part about it is that you can stay connected with Venice FP amp a tool integrate all of your business data sources financial non financial internal and external.

To provide a secure collaborative work environment so that allowed you to drive smarter more data driven business decisions with numbers, you can trust.

I didn't just make them believe me that's i'm sort of cobbling together what Vienna likes to say, and it is true, we have seen it in action and can only attest to those.

To what they're saying here, so one thing I really want to highlight, because this is probably one of the most important parts of Vienna.

And that is its use of excel but, more importantly, I want to talk about what the prevailing notion in the sta market is today, and that is ditch the spreadsheet.

But I really want to want you to sit and think to yourself.

But why, why would you want to ditch something that you know why do you want to ditch something that your organization knows that everyone is a tune to everyone has been everyone has seen.

excel used excel it's familiar and that really.

is one of the powerful components to to better, so what competitors try to mimic excel then it wants you to then take the approach of if it ain't broke don't fix it and will leverage excel to its fullest capabilities.

up here, I want to talk about a so I pulled this from Venice website it's sort of it's actually two separate quotes that I found but it's sort of links together as as one sort of narrative.

And I think it's actually quite stark April percent of businesses that implement an SP and a solution, end up going back to excel that's crazy.

that's something that that you really should wonder about and then also ventilate to use the tool that you know to do things you can only imagine and that's I want to talk about that brooke for a quick second and that when you're implementing a new tool.

Using a system that you know, but then leveraging that system through the different pieces that, then I will will give you.

t really cuts down also on training so you're not only getting a system that is as powerful as a as say let's that's one of the one of the bigger.

platforms like say adaptive.

But you're getting all that power, but without all the complication, and so it only allows you to work.

Work stronger and smarter, so, while others are telling you to ditch the spreadsheet and then I asked you to embrace it.

excel in and of itself is an incredibly powerful tool, but often often lacks the finesse of a complete solution so then it does it takes a system that you already know and give that a shot of adrenaline.

It excuse me, and so you can do things and excel like never before, and so it's also not just a reporting tool it's so much more.

It allows for financial planning and analysis get the analytics you need to make the correct decisions.

It also allows for integrated business planning, so you could plan beyond the dollars and cents and take information and apply it across the organization.

Now, this one, I particularly want to talk about in a few minutes but agile planning allows you to change on a dime if circumstances call for it by using real time forecasting and what if scenarios.

When a little bit of a head there but also financial reporting and regulatory compliance reporting so that means.

With this powerful tool and customizable reporting tool, specifically, you can run statistical and non statistical data with ease.

And then you also have a financial clothes management, this allows you to go from behind to closing on time with up to date and accurate data that allow for an expedient month enclose giving you an end to end solution now Those are some of the forgot to pop out there.

Those are some of the highlights but there's also a couple of things that that uh that we're really focused.

When I was looking through some material, but through you know, working with Vienna and working with our team there's a couple of the things I really want to highlight that I think is very powerful, especially for people who are.

Preparing stuff for boards and C suite so there's a fantastic year and reporting tool for C suite and board members and by what I mean by that is that.

it's a way to create and bundle information for the C suite and for the board members.

And this is not something that many people think about, but really how long does it take for you to create a board ready report days, weeks.

Well then, it will pull all that Oregon and then it will pull and organize all that pertinent data to either a prepared word or PowerPoint document ready to go with sleep graphs charts and that easily spell out the health of the organization.

And again, I want to go back to the agile planning for a second early 2020 when the world is tentatively closed down.

Then allowed for organizations to forecast on the fly with each week and sometimes down to the day.

bringing them new challenges as they adapted to a new reality, so not only can you read forecast in real time, you can also perform What if scenarios, so you can be ready for anything, and I think after 2020.

That is a powerful statement because we really do apparently need to be ready for anything.

And one more little piece that I want to bring up here is that it can also integrate beyond finance it can also connect with your CRM, and that includes.

The leading solution salesforce, it is also it also connects with many other earpiece not just.

intacct, but also folks that are on MIP here at JMT can also leverage this powerful tool in conjunction with.

MIP as well.

So from planning to close management Bennett is a complete package and, as a 2021, that is, the has the leading g to score of a 4.5 stars beating out the competition by striking a balance between form and function.

So let's talk about the other slice of bread here, the other side of the sandwich the peanut butter, the JMT.

So where do we come in, you know JMT we again we've we've been in the nonprofit space for 30 years and we want to bring that experience and expertise.

With our nonprofits by helping organizations succeed beyond the implementation by offering multiple support options such as jm T extended pipeline, I actually want to stop for a second again and go a little off script so my apologies here.

Internally we've been having our.

Our kickoff meetings for 2021 and something that we actually talked about today, I really think is.

should be a part of this conversation I just didn't have time to edit into the proposal into the.

PowerPoint, but I want to talk about, and in that that's experience is talking about what jm T is who we are, what what really is our goal here.

Our goal is not to just sell you a piece of software, our goal is to go beyond that our goal is to nurture our goal is to.

Take the steps to make sure that your organization is.

from beginning to end, successful and so we are taking a very.

New Approach not a new approach, but we are, we are putting things in place to make sure that we are driving home that notion that we are not just here to to sell you something we are here to make sure that your organization is comfortable and capable to to succeed.

So that's one thing I wanted to just highlight just as an aside, but.

So let me get back to the to where I was going so jm T with venom we still offer our extend value plan that includes all of the benefits you receive on the rp sites such as unlimited access to our support team.

discounts on services, access to our webinar library and our annual review where James you will offer our expertise and best practices to help optimize your system.

But we have one more thing to talk about.

JMT outsourced admin services, this is a brand new service from gay empty and it's sort of an offshoot of what I was discussing just a few minutes ago about.

about making sure our organizations are successful.

So this is a much more comprehensive ongoing management of your FP amp a tool, because sometimes you know what you need an extra set of hands.

You might be in the process of hiring or you might be in the process of doing some major changes to the organization, but you also need to make sure you're successful So what do you do well talk to one of us about Jane to outsource admin services and i'm going to list a few of these.

services that are sort of under this umbrella, this is not all of it, but this is just a taste so oh and and so basically what this allows you to do by the way, is for the lifecycle of of being on this plan.

You essentially allowed jm T to take ownership of the admin admin piece of the fema tool so.

What does that mean user setup and data permission management that's included under the service, so you just let us know and we make sure that we get that taken care of for you workflow configuration and maintenance.

Ongoing maintenance of implemented reports and templates.

Ongoing product support and help line for all end user questions that a ride so very similar in some instances to our edt plan, but then, finally, and this one is.

Pretty powerful additive here but it's a valuable strategic resource for future planning budgeting reporting.

Excuse me available strategic resources for future planning budgeting and reporting goals for your organization that means we are, we are willing to really sit down with you and talk about your organization and and what it is that you need to be to be successful.

So something that I really think everyone should consider so.

let's move on here so again champions Mina are great together.

So when you think of when you're coupling the jelly that has been in the jmp peanut butter, you are left with a sandwich of success, I know that it's a very silly phrase, but it really does encapsulate what we're trying to do here.

So really what we want to do is is our best to get the best tools in your hands, so that an organization like yours can be successful.

So with that I want to introduce and bring back to the forefront of this conversation Nick renfro who will be walking us through.

The tour event he will highlight some of the basics around roles, as well as showing us some so showing us some of the fundamentals of the Platform.

Once Nick have gone through his items we will open it up to some questions and if you'd like to see something specific, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will certainly accommodate you if we can, please be aware that this is a DEMO environment that we're going through so.

We will try our best to show what what we need to show, but with that I want to introduce my good buddy and friend, Nick renfro take away my buddy.

Nick Renfroe: Thanks for it.

So i'm gonna share my screen, if I can Chris I think you.

need to stop sharing for a second.

All right, there we go.

i'm gonna share my screen.

So if you can see my screen and if I share the right one, you should see in Google chrome.

The vena website, though it's Chris talked about, then as the cloud based database and so it's not accessed through excel.

Actually access through this website, then a

So when you log in depending on what type of access level, you have you're going to see these five different tabs up top manager contributor modeler reports and admin and i'll talk through.

All of these and i'll start with admin admin is where course a lot of administrative functions are handled for vana your list of users user audit.

If you want to set up data permission for your event environment, based upon different departments or entities and you need to restrict the availability of data to your business users and contributors that's where you'll do here.

And a lot of that we will take care of for you, as Chris talked about when you have the outsourced admin services, but there are some clients who would prefer to manage this on their own and that's where the admin role would come into play.

model role is where a lot of the backend stuff happens, so this is where your chart of accounts is maintained in where all your data points are stored, so any back end.

manipulation of your data is going to take place here, you can rearrange your chart of accounts dimensions your hierarchies for different aggregation and reporting purposes.

Vienna has a tool called version and, as you can see right here that allows you to sort of take snapshots of your data and save them.

If you want to do, different forecast, or what if scenarios, this is also the place where you'll do any API integrations with other software so it's a sage intact salesforce quickbooks so on so forth.

The two I really want to highlight our manager and contributor and i'll start with contributor, so this is the place where.

Your everyday ven a user your finance team your finance directors, the people who are going to be inputting data into the vendor database are going to be working, this is the screen that they're going to have so as you can see here.

Based on the workflow that's set up in this DEMO is, you see the overdue tasks that are assigned to me that I have.

scheduled for my input.

You can see the ones that I have left to do, and the reports and other tasks that are going to be coming up here soon, then of course i've got these few only.

Reports in documents I can view as well, based upon the tasks that were assigned to me and the tests that i'm referring to are going to take place here in this manager tab so this manager role is the person that's responsible for.

updating and maintaining your business workflow process they're going to be the ones, if necessary, building templates and reports.

If that's something that your business desires to learn on their own, instead of having JMT build the templates and reports for you and they're going to be the ones that also help determine access to.

The different levels of data that's your contributors are going to have.

By clicking this FP amp a folder and go to this.

annual budget process.

first thing that you're going to see pop up is this.

designer, which is what the man, the manager, is responsible for So you see here i've got my start and my end simple enough, but then.

connected by these nodes you see all the different tasks review blocks processing tasks that are required for the.

annual budget process so you've got you know starting over here, where people will input and update rates and drivers.

which will then go to a review by their superiors or supervisors and if it's approved, then they move on to the next step of the process which they're making their revenue and Labor and expense planning and, if not.

You see this red rejection node which signifies to them to know go back re update some of the values that you have and then resubmit it for review, an important thing to note with this is is in Vienna, it enables you to control.

How your business budgeting process is going to go throughout the year, and gives you the necessary checks and balances and controls.

To ensure that nothing slips through the cracks that anything that needs to be approved, can be approved and if revisions need to be made, you can track them as well.

manager tab has also this feature sort of a table view of that process That just shows you all the outstanding task and bios who they were assigned to.

who's the supporting workers and who's the person that's going to be responsible for making sure they get submitted on time so it's another way of reducing the need for multiple systems to track where documents are who is overdue on their tasks.

Excuse me, where you are in the budgeting process it really gives you the opportunity to streamline this process and keep a watchful eye on it, to ensure that everything is being done in a efficient in a timely manner, for your organization.

same thing here right just another dashboard or report that shows you where you are at so in this case 6% of the budget process has been complete 124 days remaining.

And currently no task are overdue, and you can see here what's upcoming.

That's not yet started what's overdue what has been started and who's responsible for it, so it's Chris talked about earlier there's no need to.

have multiple excel spreadsheets and version of excel spreadsheets that are getting lost in translation you're able to keep a record and track of what's going on here from this.

manager workflow.

status tracker.

So i'm going to switch over now into one of the most important features of them, which is the.

input inputting of data into the database so.

With a lot of the clients that i've worked with over the past couple months they come to us with excel workbooks and worksheets that have.

at different tabs in there sometimes it's one workbook with at tabs other times it's at individual workbooks that they are struggling to keep track of and struggling to.

use in an efficient manner, because a lot of the times.

They are waiting for someone to get it to him back into them or there's an error, with the file and they have to start over and so within all that lag time quote unquote is now reduced because of the central location and the database format of that.

i'm going to show you two particular templates in one report, the first is going to be an expense input template and you'll see here.

The name of the file is expense input X Ls which shows that it's an excel file and when you click to access the file from the database, it is going to download as an excel file.

And here, you go, so it opens up like an excel file as normal, but the difference is you have this vendor ribbon that connects this file back to the vendor database and so in this expense input template.

I have this feature called choose which is where I can select which.

slices of data, if you will, I want to view and Edit in this particular expense template so.

For this exercise i'm going to leave it as it is i'm going to choose my entity to be start industries and my department to be government sales so it's going to.

look back at the vin a database and then it's going to pull those values in and so here, I have my expense template here's my actual goals for the Year of 2020 and then here in these blue input sales I have.

My budget for 2021 and so just like a normal excel workbook you'll come in put some values in here.

You know I can spread this across if I want to.

pull it down.

I can add a formula if I would like you know equals this sale times 1.01.

pull that across and then i'll come up in rather than saving this work book, which would be using the built in excel control as save i'm actually going to click this save data button in the vendor ribbon and what that's going to do.

Is save it back to the vendor database so and what i'll show you by, that is, if I choose a different combination of entity and department will do a CME and commercial sales.

you'll see it pulled up new data for actually.

The budget data is now gone that's not because those values didn't save but it's because.

The choose box now effectively allowed me just to save those values for that combination of entity and apartment that I selected So if I were to go back to start industries.

Government fails.

you'll see venner retains those values, because they have been written into the vendor database, so if this your computer were to crash or.

Something were to happen, where you couldn't react this this file no worries, because now through Venice cloud technology these values have been saved into the database.

So i'm going to exit out of this template what I want to show you now is been as real time.

Reporting capabilities so you'll see that for start industries government sales i've saved those values to 2021 budget, so now, if I come into here this 2021 income statement still pool budget for my scenario my year for 2021 what should happen is i'll see those values populate here.

And so.

The good thing about vinay is there's no more need for multiple workbooks or multiple sheets that have thousands of lines of reference formulas.

That have the potential of breaking with the mapping technology inventor that jm T sets up when we implement your software you'll see how, when you input a piece of data in one template if you want to go to any other template and pull up that data, you can.

last piece that I want to show you is.

Our personnel template, though.

A lot of clients come in with a need for personnel planning.

Sometimes, those are very straightforward.

Sometimes they have a more robust and complicated allocation model vana can handle all of those, and so this is just an example.

Of a personnel planning template that we've used in this DEMO instance that shows both direct input for employees indirect employee indirect employee allocation, as well as.

Another key feature of Vienna, which is line item details.

Can you see here, this is my 2020 personnel planning template see i've got some employees already in here they're start date works, they their rate their hours.

So let's just do an exercise with this employee number five so we'll add him in.

put his employee ID.

Name him Chris radek Cone.

will say he has a start date of.

October 2015.

will say misery.


Say $45 an hour 1200 hours.

you'll see that video is automatically doing the calculations for you, you know allocating the correct expense amount per month and writing these values back to the database.

One feature that activity doesn't have that Vienna introduces is this concept of line item details, and so a lot of times.

clients and companies will need to break down a particular do line in their budget which can often be complicated to do an excel.

And then have a feature and many input templates called line item details, where you can insert a new line customize it, how you want to.

And all the values that you place in that line will aggregate up to the original line that you inserted the lid as we call them on so in the case of this personnel planning template I can assign Chris a project.

places allocations in here.

And this is done without affecting the original calculation that was placed in the parent line as we might call it.

So I could save this.

gnc it's a backup to the Van a database.

oing to check in this file and if I were to go back to that statement of activities, I would be able to see those updated values.

Real time in the report that I pulled.

So this is just a quick high level overview of some of the features of Vienna and some of the most important functionalities that it has specifically with inputting data and how it retains that data and reduces the amount of time needed spent chasing down sales.

excel worksheets chasing down emails to figure out, who has.

outstanding tasks.

and reduces the need for hundreds of lines of formulas and calculations that could break, because now everything is being saved back to the vendor database.

So, Chris i'm going to turn it back to you and see if they have any questions so far.

Wonderful Thank you so much as, as always, and not surprisingly knock that out of the park.

Let me go back to sharing my screen hold on.

Lauren Hogan: No, thank you for the presentation and we're just going to wait for some questions.

To come in and while that person is going to show a slide.



Christopher Radicone: Okay, so why can I get back into one second.

Okay, so questions, but we actually have a.

little bit of a promotion here schedule a 15 minute consultation by Tuesday February 2 receive a $10 starbucks gift card.

So please do take advantage of that offer you know feel free to contact us and reach out.

For some reason I lost my notes here but that's okay.

Though that anyway so yeah so do please feel feel free to reach out to us again who doesn't love some.

Free $10.

For some starbucks coffee, I can see some questions coming in yeah.

lauren take her away.

Lauren Hogan: Okay yeah for the gift card all yes cheers just visit that website or email.

him at jm T consulting COM we'd be happy to help, and then it looks like we have two questions that came in and what the first one is can managers that do not have access to the accounting system have access to this program.

i'm going to say yes.

Nick Renfroe: Yes, they can, so we have a lot of people who.


Business users and the admins over in sage intact, who aren't connected to the system over or the process over in their other accounting system.

But do use them for some of their budgeting and reporting needs.

Through this preference of learning.

The system and pending on what your needs are and what.

Christopher Radicone: You would like to do in the business.

Nick Renfroe: Your business process.

00:38:25.980 --> 00:38:30.420
Nick Renfroe: figure out which role you think would be best for you in the platform.

Christopher Radicone: Right there's actually also and there's also other just to sort of piggyback off of what Nick was saying, there are.

Users that that great that are that are separate from intact so or MIT or whatever you might be using So if you only require a access to a specific piece of.

data for budgeting purposes or whatever it may be, you can certainly get set up with that.

Nick Renfroe: Right, I mean there are some.

might have even been in the workflow that I shared there's a feature called report books, where you know your C level or finance manager, who does not have.

or wanted access to the Venice system, but you still would like to receive a report or any of the data that's been submitted in Vienna, and there is a feature in Vienna, where you create what's called a report book and then it is sent out to those who may or may not be.

live in the system.

Lauren Hogan: Okay, great, and then we have another question says does anyone use us for additional grants management processes, besides budgeting.

Nick Renfroe: Yes, there are some instances where i've seen.

clients who use it, not just for the budgeting, but to keep track of their grant cycles so some clients have grants that don't operate on a traditional calendar or fiscal years, some have.

longer or shorter shorter start dates and so.

i've created a template where.

it's strictly used for a client to track.

The start and end dates of their grants and what the allocation and.
budget amount is for that particular period of time.

Christopher Radicone: Right and then just just again to also sort of piggyback off of Nick there.

Again, like like we mentioned in the.

Presentation prior to Nick walk me through it, this is more than just a budgeting tool.

We do favorites as a budgeting tool, because ultimately that's where it is best applied, but that doesn't mean that, beyond budgeting, it is incapable of doing those things it's actually it's actually capable doing way more than we when we first introduced it to Jay empty.

We when we were you know basically troubleshooting what what we can get them to do.

It was quite impressive between grant management allocations and things like that we found that were other tools had deficiencies, then it was actually able to sort of fill the gap and something that is you know, again, that is more of a.

tip of the cast as you were to the power of excel and then you're taking that power of excel and coupling it with the tools that then it gives you.

To really drive home, a solution that is more than just one thing and again coupling that with intact or MIT or or whatever it, it may be.

It's only enhancing your rp and also to wait another two other extent to your CRM as well, so it goes far beyond just budgeting.

Lauren Hogan: Okay, we have another question here how much work is involved in the setup as the budgeting.

process and how easy, is it to download.

The budget to intacct.

Christopher Radicone: But great question.

Lauren Hogan: So.

Nick Renfroe: i'm going to take the second part of that question first because i'm actually working through that now so i'm vana can pull data from sage.

Christopher Radicone: intacct and.

Nick Renfroe: What we do is often set up automated template or report to take the budget information that you input into Vienna.

That it up in the end map the template in the exact file format.

That intact requires to be uploaded so essentially what you'll do is you'll just click a button and you'll pull out whatever periods of data that you would like to pull download that file save a local copy and then upload that right into.

It they didn't act as far as the first part of your question, which is how much work that just totally depends on the scope of work of a client.

If you want a real simple, straightforward platform I would imagine that that would take a shorter time than one that has a lot of robust and complex allocation in reporting messages methods JMT has this philosophy of crawl walk run so we believe in.

starting off small but then also empowering the client to learn the tool, because we believe that the more you learn the tool, the more you're going to get out of it, and by starting with a smaller and simpler few will build.

Your better set up for success in the long run to get the most out of them, but that's, not to say.

That I haven't had a very involved implementation.

Lauren Hogan: Okay, then we have another question here does this program integrate with.

It might be signed accounting software.

Christopher Radicone: There is no direct MIT.

Nick Renfroe: Integration, but there are clients who set up manual.

Christopher Radicone: Imports of data into Venice software that.

Nick Renfroe: You know you just have your file from MIT you log in the Vienna upload your file.

It will take maybe two to three minutes to run and then your data is now formatted.

For viewing and usage in Vienna.

Christopher Radicone: right again I want to sort of fall off with that, then I can be used as a standalone system.

It does not necessarily need to be integrated and let's let's be honest most folks would like that, but there is a level of standalone.

power that it has that basically means that you know it's not something that integrates today there are ways to to make it work and we do certainly have folks on MIT who are able to use that.

Nick Renfroe: Absolutely, we have some template and reports that are simply entitled import from IP export to it that it takes click a button.

load in their file or click a button download their file and it goes right back into MIT.

Lauren Hogan: contain this next question here goes back to the question about the setup of the budgeting process to intact.

And does this sweet does the sync between the Program.

or i'm sorry is the sync between the programs handled manually.

Nick Renfroe: be pushed back to intact is handled manually so when we set up an integration for sage intact.

Then it will automatically pull data from sage intact typically we have it set up to run every day overnight and automatically at 12 midnight.

van is going to pull the latest data from sage intact over vent is a one way street, where in the automated sense, in that it will only pull data from intact the manual part happens if you ever want to take your budget and re upload it back into sage intact.

Lauren Hogan: Okay, and that looks.

That looks like that's all the questions that came through.

Christopher Radicone: And so I just wanted to thank.

Lauren Hogan: Chris and Nick again for joining us today and Thank you everyone for.

Being here, we hope you.

enjoyed the presentation.

I do have any final words to.

Send off.

Christopher Radicone: I just want to thank everyone for being here, this was a lot of fun I I always love doing these things because, again, it, especially with being sort of siloed.

At home, and so you know it's great to get on here I mean, obviously I can't see you guys and you can only hear me.

But it's fun to just kind of get on here and talk and.

You know, again.

Great job working with Nick you again i'm going to say it 1000 times that you're knocked out of the park.

lauren Thank you so much for emceeing this, and thank you, everybody for for taking your time today to spend some time with us and learn a little bit about winning combinations do not combine lemon tuna fish just don't it's gross um but again thank Thank you so much.

Lauren Hogan: yeah Thank you all for coming have a great rest of your day.

Nick Renfroe: bye thanks everybody.

bye everyone.

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