JMT vs The Other Guys: The Benefits of Working with a Nonprofit-Exclusive Partner

CEO Jacki Tiso founded JMT after experiencing a painful software implementation at a nonprofit organization, determined to provide a helping hand to others in her same position so they didn’t suffer the same fate she did.

Thirty years and 2,000 clients later, JMT has truly seen it all when it comes to implementing nonprofit financial software. We know each and every struggle organizations face while transitioning to new software (and how to minimize them) and how to provide value as a partner during each step of the process (from scoping and selection, to implementation and user training).

But unlike other implementation partners, we know exactly what features, functionality, reporting requirements nonprofits need to operate at maximum efficiency, and how to do it quickly so you save both time and money.

In this webinar, JMT’s CEO Jacki Tiso discusses:

  • What factors to consider when choosing a partner
  • The value in working with a nonprofit-exclusive partner
  • And much more!

Interested in learning how JMT can help your organization as a nonprofit-exclusive partner?

CATEGORIES: Best Practices, ERP