JumpStart for Sage Intacct: Easily Implement This Industry-Leading ERP Solution at Your Nonprofit

Have you been thinking about moving your accounting system to the cloud but assume that it will be a hard, long, and expensive process? With JMT, you can move to the cloud and set your nonprofit up for mission success with Sage Intacct. Intacct is a true cloud ERP solution that supports a dimensional general ledger, comprehensive grant tracking, automated revenue recognition, easy-to-use reporting and dashboards, and a rock-solid audit trail. JMT’s Director of Sales, Andy Harleman, explores:

  • Why having your software in the cloud is as important as ever in today’s climate.
  • What sets Sage Intacct apart from other platforms for nonprofits.
  • How, with JMT as your financial management partner, we can set you set up in today’s most advanced ERP system with varying levels of customization, zero upfront costs, and monthly billing options.

Interested in learning more about how JumpStart makes implementing Sage Intacct accessible for any nonprofit?

Megan Mendiola: Hello, again, everyone, and thank you all for joining us today. My name is Megan, the deal, and I'm a regional marketing Coordinator here at JMT.

Today, we're very excited to have our very own Andy Harlem in here with us to lead us in our webinar over jumpstart for sage intact.

I want to share just a couple of housekeeping notes with you all, before I turn it over to Andy to get us started.

If you have any questions during today's webinar, please go ahead and submit those into the Q AMP a section on your control panel.

We're going to go ahead and save those all until the end of the presentation, but don't hesitate to submit them as you think of them and we'll get to them at the end.

Also, just a quick reminder that we will send you both sides and recording of today's webinar within 24 hours after its conclusion.

And now I want to take a minute to introduce Andy Harlem into you all, and he lives in St. Louis and is the Director of Sales here at JMP

He has an extensive nonprofit background as well. He helped found a social services agency and serves as an administrative director there.

He also served on the governing board of a nonprofit in St. Louis. He has been consulting to nonprofits since 2006. And now, Andy. I'll go ahead and turn it over to you to get us started.

Andy Harleman: Thank you very much, making appreciate it and glad to have everyone on the call today.

So as Megan said what we're gonna do is we're going to talk about how JMT jumpstart program can help you in the finance department of your nonprofit organization. So let's get going here and just move it along. Okay, first and foremost, what are we talking about, we're talking about sage intacct. It is world-class cutting edge technology that enables you to have things like what you see right there on that screen dashboards with outcome metrics.

Showing far more than just your regular rows and columns and debits and credits and black and white financial reports.

But actually giving you important metrics like what you see here and presented in a visually pleasing way that is easy for people outside of finance to understand. Having served on a

Nonprofit board. I know that sometimes you have very important people on your board who just aren't trained in finance and perhaps reading financial statements is not as easy for them. Or maybe you have program managers who are responsible for budget.

But they just don't follow financial reports, maybe quite as well as you and finance do and so presenting information to people in a way that they can consume it is what intact is all about. You will see it is the first and only solution that is exclusively endorsed by the AI CPA and

quarter after quarter it wins the highest customer satisfaction award from G to crowd.

I should have updated this one. That's the winter of 2020 because it's recently come out that it was, again, the highest satisfaction award.

In their spring version as well. There's summer version. So this is what we're what our end in mind is here, this is the this is what you can have in your nonprofit with a tool like sage intact.

So I want to get right to it. We know changing software can be difficult. We know it can be expensive.

But we can get you going very inexpensively here and very quickly we can do a rapid implementation. As you can see here, and for a small system with three core users and

And 10 view only you can get in it for as little as 975 per month. Now we realize some people on this call may have larger organizations.

Maybe you have, you know, more complex modules that you want to put in there. And we're going to talk a little bit today about

How as the, you know, there's different levels of complexity that might add to the time but we just want you to have a sense for this is something that is affordable even to a very small nonprofit organization.

So, Let me back up a little bit and just let you understand where James he's coming from and who we are.

So Megan told you about my personal background working in nonprofits. Well, the reason JM t is such a great fit for me and has been my home for such a long time.

Is that JM T was founded by a nonprofit finance person with the exclusive mission to work only with nonprofit organizations, helping them to implement technology solutions.

WE ARE IN OUR 30th year back in those days, the best technology on the market might have been big floppy disks and DOS operating systems, but Jackie. Our founder

Was always there to monitor the marketplace and make sure that nonprofits always had access to

The best most cutting edge technology that you could find. He worked in several nonprofits found in GMT, and has been doing nothing but this for almost 30 years

And we've grown, you know, we were started in the New York area where Jackie lived and we now have clients all across the United States. And indeed, even in other countries and other continents.

So our mission. Your mission, I should say is our business. Our business is to help our nonprofits, better, more efficiently achieve their mission.

Using technology tools. So we have thousands of nonprofit happy clients. We have we're known for rapid and affordable implementations

And most importantly we're known for our deep nonprofit expertise we have deliberately chosen to limit our practice, only to nonprofit organizations and you're just not going to find another firm that can say the same. And that has any amount of scale.

This is an example of some of the very happy clients that work with JM T right now. I know you probably recognize many up down

These are all clients examples of those many that I talked about already. And we always like to highlight this quote from Anthony, one of our great clients in New York City area.

Who talked about how our ability to identify the needs from a nonprofit perspective.

And focusing on that is exactly what he wanted, and then consultant group and exactly what he thinks most nonprofits would want and a consultant grip. And so that's what we're all about. So

That leads into this JM t is an independent firm. We're not a software publisher. And why is that important. Well, software publishers are in the business of making software. They're really good at it. And we understand that.

But JM T. Our commitment is to you our commitment is to make sure not only that there's great software that you can use. But this you maximize your usage of it.

And that we keep the software companies on their toes. If intact suddenly stopped being the awesome software that it is today.

Then JM t would be here to say, you know, we're going to have to look at other products that are out there. So over the years we've done that many times and we keep

We keep our nonprofit clients apprised of what is going on in the marketplace and we curate only the best solutions for our clients.

We work we. One of the reasons we love intact is because it like us believes that you shouldn't have to buy everything for your organization under one brand name.

It's perfectly fine with in tech that people might use Salesforce for their CRM or they might use ADP for their payroll and an intact doesn't try to build a better

Machine for payroll than ADP has they say it's dead. We're going to play nicely with them and integrate. Well, that's the same belief system that JM T has

That we believe we assembled a perfect for you solution. And so we support nonprofits across this entire spectrum here of all the functional areas.

That you would have in your organization. And you can see some of the logos that we work with that address these areas of the spectrum. So

In this case today. Of course, we're going to be talking about sage intact.

But you can see that James he covers a lot of the areas. So we're not just about one technology. We're not just about one software publisher. We're not just about one area of a nonprofit organization we help you with all of it.

I mentioned again why you know we're not a software publisher, we help you implement the best software out there.

And you can take your money and you can throw it away. If you don't invest correctly in

The real right onboarding process for you and your organization, no great software is going to be worth its money if you don't do it right from the beginning. And that's what john are happy climate cancer care is talking about here in this quote

He says he couldn't imagine doing it without us. That's the highest compliment. We can imagine. And so this is an example of the focus that JM T puts, not just on helping you find the right solution from a software perspective.

But most importantly on implementing it and implementing it correctly.

Now let's talk about technology. We've had a hard year all of us.

This has been a rough go here. It's hard to believe. What a strange year 2020 has been. But I think one of the things that we have all learned is, there is just no excuse.

For working without data technology any longer. We have some very sad stories of prospects, who

You know, we're calling them now and they're saying, Please, please help us. We had to all work from home and we're on a legacy

On Premise software that's in our server closet in our office and we can go to the office because we're in the lockdown.

There is just, you know, that is disruptive to the organization and it literally threatens the mission of your organization. If you have outdated technology and you're in a situation like that, so

We absolutely want to help each and every one of you find your way to the latest, greatest technology tools. And that's what we're doing with our jumpstart program.

So one of the things that intact. Does that takes technology to the next level. I mentioned it before it isn't just accounting software. It isn't just rows and columns dollars and cents and

All of that it is actually about of true financial management truly giving you insight and visibility into detail truly informing you so that you can use all of your analytical abilities to make strategic decisions about your organization here. On this screen you can see

This is an example of an organization. This is a real life example that we built for in a sample database. We built this to show perspective organization who is now our client.

How they could use this because for them, their board would come to them. Every year there a behavioral health clinical organization.

Their board would say, listen. Here's the revenue goal for the year. And they would say to the CEO and the CFO. Your job is to hit that goal.

And so they knew for them revenue generated per clinician.

Was the biggest, most important driver and that would then inform their decisions about how many clinicians, they needed to hire to hit their revenue goal.

So they work, it had this been the old fashioned accounting software they simply would have been able to run some sort of financial report and maybe seeing

What their revenues and expenditures were but they couldn't see the metrics like revenue generated per clinician. As you can see here, this is the kind of insight and visibility that can help you to be a much more effective organization.

I mentioned visibility. This is so important. How many times do people tell us that they are just

Wasting time trying to dig through the ledger trying to find the detail behind something that's in a report. This is a real life screenshot.

You simply click on any of the numbers in your financial report in a new pop up window shows up.

With the detail behind it. You can drill all the way back to the source transaction and even

To attachments that might be sitting there. So if you paid a bill and you made a scanned copy of the invoice attached it to the to the AP record.

When you drill back to it. It's there. You get that kind of visibility with the drill down and intact. And as I said before, I can tell you how great in tech is all day long.

But talk to our customers. And that's what G to crowd effectively let you do G to crowd is is one of those

Objective websites where they they verify users and they simply ask them to rate products when it comes to customer satisfaction in the nonprofit space.

In tech is the clear winner every year year in, year out it wins. And they do this multiple times a year. And so to us that really verifies our choice to partner with intact, because we don't want to work.

With software that might be powerful might have a lot of bells and whistles, but it's not usable and not therefore satisfying to the end users and a nonprofit finance department. Well, this shows

That absolutely the users love it. This is the actual grid behind that there really are only five major players and nonprofit accounting software you can see in their logos represented here.

And you can see the access on the bottom satisfaction in tech is the furthest to the right, meaning the highest customer satisfaction.

And market presence is the other app is the other axis here. So, it is a little behind one of his competitors in terms of number of usage licenses out there, I suppose.

But I'll take satisfaction over market presence any day of the week. And interestingly, since since this grid came out I put it on a slide a couple months ago.

Two of the five logos on the screen, have been hacked by spyware in the past four or five months. So it kind of goes to show you that you know in tech. Also, I talked about technology. Now, I don't want to sit here and Dare any

Hackers out there to try to hack into in text because I'm sure. In fact, I'm sure they are already trying, but the point is we feel very good about Intex cutting edge security as well.

Because it has not only the highest customer satisfaction, but you can see front and center on their website that they have world class security.

So it's clearly the right choice for nonprofit organizations so JM t you know we are small enough that we can provide exceptional and very personal customer service, but we're also large enough to handle any size or scope of implementation, we have clients. We have one that just came aboard a week or two, and not even a week ago, I guess.

To users and their finance department, we have others that are you know $300 million nonprofits in Manhattan with 25 people in their finance department JM T has clients all across

The spectrum of size and we can work with you, no matter what your situation, but our process is largely the same no matter your size.

And our process consists of the steps that you see here, the idea is we're going to break this thing up into phases.

Instead of trying to tackle everything at once. We're going to say, let's do phase one. Let's define what that is. It usually means let's get you live.

On core financials, you know, AP cash management bank rec financial reporting get that up and running, first, then we can move into the more

Advanced modules and future phases, whether it be something like purchase orders or allocations or other complex things that some organizations need to do

So we have a very highly focused scope which allows us to then give you immediate results and then those short term successes are coupled with our long term planning to get you to the future phases.

And on top of all that we have comprehensive and award winning client services from our consulting team and from our support team.

So what happens in our implementation at the highest level is first off we don't do this hourly billing stuff where you have overages and

You know if that we, I think a lot of companies do it that way. And we don't like it that way. We say, here's a flat fixed fee.

If you think that it's a fair price for the scope of work, we're offering you

Then let's move forward and then you never have to worry that there's going to be any kind of extra money that you need to come up with, because it's there, is there aren't change orders. We are doing a firm fixed fee.

We have, we have a friend of the firm who suck sometimes says hourly billing rewards slow and inactive consultants, because they can keep building, building, building, building, building by the hour.

Making more money, even if they're not really good at what they're doing a JMT. We don't believe that. So you're going to get a dedicated project manager as well.

And we use tools like smart sheet, which is a web-based planning tool or web-based tool that allows interaction and collaboration between us and you

You get a project designer who will help you design your Chart of Accounts and then an array of comprehensive training options we have remote we have online.

We have recorded. We have live. It depends on your level and how much you want to invest in that personalization and we always help with integration assistance, whether it be just pulling in a flat file from a donor management system or maybe more complex integration than that.

So we have our different options here. And the idea is, like, if you want to go really fast and the Express Tool. That's the least expensive and it's the fastest

And then you can go all the way up to a very comprehensive deep dive. We work with organizations who

Who want to invest many, many months into careful planning and thought into the build out of their Chart of Accounts, and that's okay too.

And then there are things in in between. As you can see our plus and our choice options. So we have a variety of options for you. And it's really, if you think of a

Time the trade off for going fast is basically the complexity, which I'll get to in a moment. I showed, I showed this slide before but don't forget you can get in and you can get in very quickly and you can get in for very little bit of money even on a monthly payment, but

You know, as you get more complex and obviously you're going to put more timing into the project so

That's the idea here. Some organizations. Some of you on this call. Now maybe you only have two people in your finance department, maybe all you really need to do is get up and running on paying bills and

Having some financial reports and you can do that quickly. On the other hand, maybe you have 20 people in your finance department and you want to do a more comprehensive implementation.

And that's okay too. So the whole dog pull ideas. There's an inverse relationship between complexity and the cost and the and the timing. So

Back to what James he does here and how will help you is where our unique value is really being your partner for the long term. We're not just going to be here to help you set up the system.

We're here to help you long after the fact. So after your implementation, you have an account manager, you have a robust resource training library.

We have a state of the art ticket and tracking system. If you ever need our help you call them, you get in that system helps us move you through. Sorry about that. I forgot to mute my other line.

We have ongoing training and CP opportunities we have our own annual conference which, unfortunately, like every conference this year we had to cancel back in the spring.

We hope it'll be back next spring is if the coven situation improves, but usually every spring we have our annual training conference hundreds of nonprofits get together, you can get CP credit, you can

Go into not only software training sessions, but also into industry best practice sessions. We have a whole CFO leadership track that goes on in that conference, for example, so

We are here to be your partner and not just be the people who train you how to cut checks in your new software, far, far more than that. We have many clients who have been with us for a long time back even before in tech was

On the scene when Jane to work with other software products. Some of those clients over the years have switched over to the newer software like intact and they've been our client though through out

And they still come up to us at our conference and they know us on a first name basis. So it's again it's that balance between

We're small and we get to know you really well, but we can also handle any level of complexity that you have. And so, Sarah from children's tumor foundation

Had a really nice thing to say about us when she said that that we truly become a part of your mission and and she's right. We did. We sent a team to one of their fundraising events and a bunch of people think it was a five K run or something, a bunch of people went

And participated in that and JT had a little sponsorship going. So we really do want to become part of your family as well and help you and your nonprofit achieve your mission. So what you get from us.

Is, as I say, a super fast implementation, if that's what you need very affordable and fixed fee pricing, you're going to get state of the art technology.

You're going to work with the largest independent nonprofit consulting firm in the country, and you're going to get comprehensive support guaranteeing your success with this project.

So the next step would be, we understand this as a high level overview here today. The next step would be to participate in a quick

Assessment with us. It's a quick 30 minutes will give you a summary of findings at the end of that. And it's a document which outlines what we discovered and a path forward that we recommend

Sometimes organizations are in a situation where maybe the CFO really wants to get new software but has to make a business case for it to the board. And so this document can help you with that.

Other times you may be calling us because your board has already told you, you have our blessing to move forward, find the right software that's okay to

This document can also help you just make sure that you're documenting everything along the way.

So this is what you get with the next steps and Megan, my colleague here on the line will be the person that can help you get that scheduled. She's going to follow up with you. So Megan.

With that I have come to the end of my material, but I thought we could turn it over and see if there are any questions from the crowd.

Perfect, thank you so much. Andy

Megan Mendiola: So it looks like there's no questions that have come up so far, but that is a great segue that now is a great time to ask any questions that you may have.

Remember that you can submit any questions into the Q AMP a section.

On your control panel. So you can do that now. And as Andy mentioned, I'll be following up with everyone following today's webinars. So if you have a question that

Comes up later. And you didn't get the chance to ask it during the webinar, you can ask me, then I'll be following up with everyone via phone call.

Just a little later this afternoon for a more personalized discussion over sage intact to see how it can help your organization's needs.

I would love to really just hear more from you about your organization and share with you a little bit more about our partnership with intact.

Once we make sure that there's a fit there we can jump right into that quick assessment and then we're with our nonprofit experts and we'll get you the summary findings from there. So,

That'll be next steps. Following that, but looks like. We still have any questions while we wait

Just another minute or so from for any of those to come up. I did want to tell everyone about another webinar that we have coming up. It's going to be on sep tember 15th.

Over nonprofit grants tracking and billing made easy with Sage intacct.

So if you're on this webinar today and enjoy what you saw of sage intact. I would definitely recommend getting signed up for this one.

Especially if your nonprofit does rely on grants for a portion of your funding that webinar is going to be free and you can register on our website at JM T consulting com

And that's all I had. Andy, I see no more questions have have come up. So if there's anything else you want to add before we close out

Andy Harleman: Just thank you everyone for your time today. This has been a trying year and we have seen many clients come through with better technology tools to make sure that if we ever have another situation like this.

Megan Mendiola: You won't be as disruptive.

Andy Harleman: So thanks for your time today.

Megan Mendiola: Yeah, definitely. We, we thank everyone for coming today and I look forward to connecting with you all via phone, after this webinar and we just hope everyone continues to say safe and healthy. During this time, and hope everyone has a great rest of their day. Bye, everyone.

Thank you.

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