Managing the Mission: JMT Product Showcase and Crisis Planning

[Featuring Andy Harleman | Director of Sales, JMT Consulting]

This is a recording of a breakout session from JMT’s virtual workshop, ‘Managing the Mission: How to Move Forward in a Time of Crisis.’

Many nonprofit organizations have been turning to new technology in an effort to minimize disruptions to operations while adjusting to the new COVID-19 reality. Critical processes such as cutting checks, recasting your operating plan, and providing financial reports must still occur, no matter how long this crisis lasts. In this session, JMT shows you several technology tools which can help you manage through this crisis…and beyond.

During this session, we:

• Walk through a day in the life of a CFO during the current crisis
• Discuss scenarios and obstacles nonprofit finance teams are facing
• View a new offering from JMT that can help organizations in need receive support almost immediately

CATEGORIES: Product Demo