Managing the Mission: Maintaining the Course in a Crisis

[Featuring Chris Radicone (Client Account Manager, JMT Consulting) and Jennifer Radicone (Operation’s Manager, Habitat for Humanity Dutchess County)]

This is a recording of a breakout session from JMT’s virtual workshop, ‘Managing the Mission: How to Move Forward in a Time of Crisis.’

In times of duress, how do nonprofits continue to support their mission? In this session, you will learn strategies that can help your organization remain relevant in a period of crisis — especially around your fundraising efforts. We break down Meredith Kavanagh’s recent article “How To Keep the Lights on at your Nonprofit During a Global Crisis” and speak to Jennifer Radicone, Operation’s Manager at Habitat for Humanity Dutchess County, to learn how her organization is being creative in this time of uncertainty.

CATEGORIES: Expert Speaker Series