Privacy and Cybersecurity for Nonprofits – Managing Risk and Addressing Common Pitfa

With each passing year, organizations are gathering, storing and analyzing increasing amounts of personal data. Unfortunately, the organizational risks associated with such activity are also increasing. For example, a 2016 survey reports that a whopping 63% of nonprofit organizations (approximately one million organizations) suffered a data breach within the one-year period covered by the survey. Additionally, expectations and international regulatory obligations are forcing organizations to undertake major changes to their data collection, storing and sharing practices. Given the financial, reputational and organizational risk associated with either a data breach or the unintentional misuse of personal data, the importance of understanding and proactively addressing these risks has never been more important.

In this webinar, Jon will provide tips and best practices related to an organizations’ collection, storage and sharing of personal data. Discussions will include the “nuts and bolts” of conducting an internal “data-privacy audit” in order to better understand how your organization is processing personal data, as well as key legal terms that should be included in every third-party vendor agreement to better protect your organization. Various laws that may impact an organization’s collection and processing of personal data will also be addressed, with specific focus on the recently enacted General Data Protection Regulation, which imposes sweeping obligations (and threatens steep fines) on any US organization collecting personal information from persons residing in the European Union. Finally, Jon will provide the steps that every organization needs to be prepared to take should a data-breach occur.

While the risks related to an organization’s collection and storing of personal data are considerable, putting into place appropriate practices, policies and procedures can substantially and meaningfully mitigate such risks.