Real-Time Visibility for Mission Success, Featuring Sage Intacct

As a nonprofit CFO, you are the keeper of financial and performance data. You need to be able to access and use information to provide answers to the organization’s executive director, board members, and donors. When you combine cloud automation, role-based dashboards, and real-time reporting, you enable your organization’s staff to look forward and plan based on what’s really happening in programs.

We show you how, with Sage Intacct, you can log on anywhere in the world and get an instant, real-time view of what matters most to your organization.

Interested in learning more about how Sage Intacct can help you operate more efficiently?

Melissa Waters: Okay, thank you again for joining us for the real time visibility for mission success, featuring sage intact webinar.

My name is Melissa waters and I'm the manager of events and programs here at GMT.

And joining us today. We have Chris radical and a client account manager and Megan Mineola to is a regional marketing coordinator with us.

I wanted to go over a few housekeeping tips with you and then I will switch it over to Megan and Chris

And this webinar is being recorded, so we will share a copy of the recording and slides with you. Within 24 hours of the webinar.

If you have any questions today. Please make sure to submit them in the Q AMP a box of your control panel and if time allows. We will answer those for you. If not, we will follow up with you after the webinar. And with that, I will turn it over to Megan and Chris.

Megan Mendiola: Great, thanks so much Missy like like Missy just said I'm a regional marketing Coordinator here at JMT. And I just want to get started by telling you all a little bit more about who we are JM T consulting and how we serve nonprofits every day.

So at JMT your mission really is our business. And what does that mean, it means our entire business is dedicated to making sure your nonprofit achieves better outcomes. The technology and services that we provide.

We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations and have. So since we were founded in 1991 we are experts in the nonprofit space and can offer your organization personalized service, while still partnering with the huge cutting edge technology companies that we do.

Here is a map of our current client base, we do have expansive reach with clients all across the country and three primary offices throughout the US in Austin, where Missy, and I are based out of Nashville in New York where Chris is based out of. We also have an office in Melbourne, Australia, as of last year. So we are very excited to began to expand internationally as well.

And here is a snapshot of a few of our current clients. This is just a few of our clients and we have over 2000 total, you can see that we serve in all different nonprofit verticals, including community centers and foundations, so I like to include this picture in case you recognize any of the incredible nonprofits pictured here and really just want to say that we're proud to call all of these nonprofits and the ones that aren't pictured our clients, just for the incredible work that they do on a daily basis.

So these are the areas of the financial back office where we at JM T support nonprofits.

And here are the software companies that we partner with to provide solutions in each of these areas. Today we're going to focus in on sage intact here as an AARP and discuss why it is such a great solution for nonprofits.

Some information. I'd like you to note before we get down into the details here is that sage intact is the leading accounting and financial management software.

It is also the first and only AI CPA preferred financial management solution and also his name rated number one in customer satisfaction by G to

So now let's go ahead and focus in on the dashboard functionality and sage intact.

A really great thing about intact, is that it enables you to have dashboards for any user in the system in any person in your organization, no matter what their role, maybe

It also recognizes that each individual really plays a unique role in the organization. And we'll want to look at different information within the system.

Intacct allows you to set up different types of dashboards for each of these roles which is incredibly useful and we'll look at a few examples here, and I'll explain what that means in more detail.

So here is an example screenshot of what a CFO dashboard dashboard might look like within intact.

This is just a sample database. We set up based on info, we think a CFO might like to look at. But you could put any information on a dashboard that you would like

Whatever metrics or reports are important for you to view you can add to your dashboard and completely customize it to your needs.

So in this example here, we just added some things we believe a typical CFO might be interested in. But in no means is this what your Dashboard as a CFO within intact would have to look like.

So let's look at this example here. This CFO here is interested in important metrics like cash on hand.

They're operating margin and other big picture information like surplus or deficit in their budget which they can see right here at the top on these performance cards here within their dashboard.

All this important information, the CFO can access all here in one place. And from here, the CFO can also quickly drill down and see where detail and reports, which I know Chris will cover a little bit later, but you can see it right here on this dashboard example.

You might also notice the CFO might be an improver in something like a purchase order workflow. But you can see right below the performance cards on the left hand side here.

There any items in the sample database that are waiting to be approved by him or her right now.

But if there weren't they would all be sitting right here for him or her to view and approve right through the intact dashboard with a click of a button.

So this, again, is just an example of some of the items that might be important to a CFO that they can access the moment they log into intact on their dashboard.

Now, there are also other people within the same organization and even within the same department that might need access to different information on their dashboard.

For instance, the controller will have their own items that they'd like to view in order to make their own decisions with an organization.

So say sage intact salts for this as well. You can see here that you can access different dashboards within the same intact system. So if you look here.

Under the dashboards. Here's the CFO dashboard that we were just looking at. We have a couple other examples in our sample sample database here.

But down here below under contract manager. You can see the controller dashboard is right here that you can click on

You can also prohibit users from seeing different dashboards. If you want a private dashboard in any instance, in this case, in our sample database. We do have those all turned on.

So let's go ahead and look at the controller dashboard here.

Let's say the controller house this dashboard. Set it can see this information, whenever they log into intact.

Again, this is just the information that we put on this example controller dashboard and it can be completely customized to fit your unique needs in the controllers unique role in the organization.

This controller here wants to see a lot more detail than the CFO, which does make sense based on what the controller needs to do on a daily basis.

This particular controller approves bills, which you can see right here at the top. It's a little different than from the purchasing transactions and the

CFO was approving but the queue landing page is similar here this controller can also see items such as cash balance right here on the right side of their screen.

As well as operating expense or revenues by category on the left side of the screen right here on their dashboard at the moment they log into their in tax system with one click of a button.

So the point I want to make here is that everybody in the company that needs access to information in the system can set their own dashboard.

And create whatever reports or graphs or charts. They want based on the data that is important to them in their unique role.

There's no CFO or controller dashboard template that comes in in tax that you absolutely have to use. So you're really able to create and customize it based on your unique needs and desires as an organization, and we at JM T are also here to help you create those within the tax system.

We at JM t really believe strongly and enabling people in your organization who are outside of finance, but are still consumers of data to be empowered to make decisions with their own data.

We are huge proponents of removing the burden of being the gatekeeper from the finance people in an organization.

And that is the reason why we love sage intact because it enables people outside of finance, who are still consumers of data, such as program managers, for instance.

To access their own data without having to interrupt you. In finance, day in, day out to see how they're doing on their budget or what other ever. What other every information, they may need to make decisions on a daily basis.

Instead, we can set up these non finance users with their own dashboards and then you security to limit them to see only what you want them to see

So let's look at an example of this, and I'll explain in more detail. Here is another screenshot of a dashboard.

And again, this is just a sample that we set up, but can really be customized to any non finance users needs within the intact system.

For whatever information, they'll need to look at, but in this particular example, let's just imagine for a second that. We are a nonprofit clinic of some sort, and we have practice managers or clinicians

And he took them care to view very specific things within the system in order to make decisions.

Right here in this particular dashboard. It is a much simpler dashboard that will be solved for the CFO or controller.

But it's critical information about this clinic manager would care about you can see that they can see the number of patients served

Number of office visits as well as their revenue sources over here as well as patient per practice area. So again, this is a dashboard for someone in a non finance role, which you can customize to show them only what they would need to see and nothing else.

To give dashboard access to a non finance user and intact is priced very attractively through intact with what they call their employee user license and we can discuss that in further detail with you individually.

Sage Intacct like TMT believes strongly and empowering all people in your organization with information.

And then giving them the ability to just log in and have access to that information, immediately, which is really important in the ability to make data driven decisions for your organization as a whole.

So I hope this gives you a better understanding of the dashboard features and sage intact. I'll go ahead and turn it over to Chris so he can give us some more information on reporting within intact.

Christopher Radicone: Great. Thank you, Megan. Again, my name is Chris redick cone and I am the client account manager or camp for all the sage intact clients. So I really want to welcome you all and thank you for joining us.

When it comes to transparency, the ability to have dashboards and real time reporting is actually one of the most critically important functions that sage intact provides

Now, not only can intact give you real time financial data, but it can also provide users access to non financial statistical metrics as well. Let's put a pin in that for just a moment. If we go back to what Megan demonstrated just a few moments ago.

Thank you. Here we have an example of a statement of revenue and expenditure report for from the controller dashboard. Now let's take a look at something

Notice we have an item circled in red for $17,000 a you can see that's just about over the budget that we had planned so now you're doing some analysis because hey, you want to understand what's going on.

Well, this is no problem because you can simply just click on that blue hyperlink. And what that does is allows allows you to drill down dig deeper and analyze the why.

Now let's just take a beat and let's talk about the why, for just a moment because the Y is what we all really want to know.

Real-time reporting and dashboards gives you context, the ability to understand

Your earpiece should not be working against you. You should not be struggling or worrying about the integrity of your data.

You're not software engineers YOUR ACCOUNTANTS your role is to analyze and to understand

Your financial detectives you provide mission-critical data of over the overall health of the organization. So Europeans should not be asking you, or you should not be asking your European. How do I do this. But why is this

So let's go back. Now let's now what you see here by clicking that hyperlink. This takes you to a list of all the individual transactions that makes up that $17,000 number on that report. And then within those numbers, you can click in drill down and see the source transactions.

Now intacct is always updating in real time. So as transactions are being booked the data will reflect those changes as they occur.

So, for argument's sake, let's just say you're sitting at your desk. Maybe you're eating lunch. You're reading emails or maybe you're just staring blankly at your screen twiddling your thumbs while someone goes on and on about your p

Well don't worry. We all do this. And so let's say while during this time you haven't looked at your dashboard for about 1015 minutes

Well, you can simply hit refresh because it's browser based and a true native cloud solution intact will update any of the transactions that have occurred in the interim, and you can easily drill down and grab the latest and greatest data that you need.

Okay, the name of the game here is ease of use that data is flowing from any of the many integrated systems such as your donation platform your CRM or all the other solutions that your organization has implemented to work with your financial system.

Honestly, I could talk about in tax open API's for a bit, but let's save that for another day and talk about the non financial data that is flowing through your European you remember that pin from earlier. Let's take a look at it.

In tax ability to look beyond the dollars and cents that's it's one of its other true fantastic roles as a system within your organization.

And another one of Megan's earlier examples of role based dashboards, we see that intact tracks more than just information important to finance, but also statistical accounts as well.

So in this example, you can see that they're actually tracking a couple of things numbers of patients serves number of office visits the number of clinicians and then critically here at the bottom. This is a computation of the revenue generated per clinician.

This isn't a very important number for this organization because it allows them to understand again within context. How much revenue is generated by each clinician.

Which then informs their decision about how many clinicians to hire

What's great is all this is occurring within the system. You no longer have to dump data into an Excel spreadsheet wasting time with manual processes sage intact, does that for you.

This helps you plan better. It helps you be strategic. And rather than playing defense or being reactive these metrics allow you to be productive.

And with how quickly things change from day to day, these days, you can end up this this information can end up being paramount to the overall success to your organization.

So all this data is so like I said all this data is being updated in real time and it is it is front and center on your dashboards. It's also in any of the many numerous reports that you want to run within intact.

Again, this is such a powerful, powerful system and it covers you from beginning to end, from financial to non financial and it's, it is certainly a system that you would want to implement if you want to be successful.

Thank you again. Thank you for joining us. I'm not going to turn it right back around to Megan.

Megan Mendiola: Thanks so much, Chris. That was great and Missy, do we have any questions that have come up so far.

Melissa Waters: We down so we can keep it open for another minute or so and see if we have any questions come in, and if not, I will give people some time back in their day.

Megan Mendiola: Yeah, that'll be great. And in the meantime, I know a lot of times you need some time to process this information and questions.

Might come up after the webinar has concluded, so I just want to tell you a little bit about what the follow up process will look like from here.

So we're just going to follow up with you after today's webinar to connect and have a more personalized discussion about sage intact.

And your unique needs as an organization to see if there's a fit there and if there is this the next steps is to set up a quick assessment with our nonprofit experts.

This takes about 30 minutes where we'll go through your current processes as well as how sage intact could solve for those

And then the session will ultimately result in a summary of findings, which is a document outlining what we discovered and what plot forward, we recommend

This is completely complimentary on GMT, because we just really want to connect with you and see how we can serve your nonprofit best so

We'll have someone following up with you after the conclusion of today's webinar this afternoon or tomorrow. So if there are any questions that come up in the meantime, we will be able to get those answered for you. So I just wanted to let everyone know about that.

And therefore, we had a few people join us a little bit late. So for those that did join us late, we are recording this, and you will get a copy of the recording.

Melissa Waters: And no questions have come in. So Megan and Chris. I'm going to go ahead and wrap us up. I want to thank everyone for joining us today.

And please, if you're interested in more webinars that we have. You can visit JM T consulting com

And go to our events page. We have some financial planning and analysis webinars coming up on the 13th of October, as well as a nonprofit mergers strategic tool during the pandemic and expert speaker series that you can join us for on October 21

I thank you everyone for joining and thank you Chris and Megan, and have a wonderful day. Bye bye.


Megan Mendiola: Bye.

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