Right on Time: Get the Most out of Microix’s Timesheet Module

For most nonprofit organizations, timesheets are a crucial part of the budgeting process, but reconciling them with your financial system can be time-consuming and error-prone. For MIP Fund Accounting users, it doesn’t have to be: Microix’s Timesheet Module seamlessly integrates with MIP and enables you to easily record, track and approve timesheet data from MIP’s Payroll Module.

In this session, we discuss key features of Microix’s Timesheet Module such as:

  • Seamless integration with MIP that automatically creates a regular timesheet within MIP
  • Multi-level approval processes with email notifications
  • Automatic adjustment of employees’ payroll distribution codes to match their timesheet allocated hours
  • Printed timesheet that displays recorded hours and summary of allocated hours to the responsible funding sources

…and more! Don’t go another financial cycle further without leveraging Microix’s Timesheet Module.

Learn how you can maximize your investment in MIP with Microix's Timesheet Module!

JMT Consulting: Thank you everyone for joining us today for our webinar right on time get the most out of microix’s timesheet module.

My name is lauren hogan and i'm a regional marketing coordinator here at JMT and we're very excited to have one of our own Dan Wharton joining us today and cherry carlock from microix.

Just a couple of housekeeping notes, before I turn it over to Dan and cherry if you have any questions during the webinar today, please go ahead and submit them into the Q&A section, as you think of them.

will save them all until the end of the presentation, but don't hesitate to submit them as they can also just a reminder that will send you post some handouts, and the recording of today's webinar within 24 hours after has concluded and with that i'll go ahead and turn it over to you.

Dan Wharton: awesome Thank you can you see my screen, how do I sound.

JMT Consulting: sounds great and looks great

Dan Wharton: Thank you very much alright welcome everyone to Part three of our four part series with microwave let's start by talking about why you're here.

For most nonprofit organizations time sheets are a crucial part of the budgeting process and reconciling them with the financial system can be time consuming and error prone and my P accounting users it doesn't have to be.

microwaves timesheet module seamlessly integrates seamlessly integrates with MIP and allows and enables to easily record track and approve timesheet data and this session we're going to uncover multiple key features.

The actual integration with IP the customizable workflows and approval processes how Labor distribution can pre pre programmed and set on autopilot.

And the various interfaces your employees can use to enter time and Labor.

Alright first quick round of introductions my name is Dan wharton and joining me is cherry carlock cherry is the head of business development and.

So often works with me on customer calls resolutions questions sharing best practices and customer success stories Jerry say hi real quick, please Hello everyone good morning.

awesome Thank you alright we're going to dig deep into the two companies that's what we're going to start will get and then we'll finally get on to the good stuff the micro a timesheet module.

Why would JMT recommend migrate over MIP when it comes to time she entered you remember that MIP does have a time keeping piece it's called the employee web service it's part of their HR m s solution.

The short answer is microix has a more robust feature set library offers pre configured hardware to collect badge or fingerprint readings, these are biometric terminals.

And they work in conjunction with the software.

Unlike MIP's aws module again that employee web service module microix timesheets does not require a connection to the HR management piece.

and employees, you can use a web interface, even if MIP isn't hosted in the cloud.

So those are a couple knowledge nuggets hopefully i've captured your interest and you're eager to see more it should take us about 45 ish minutes and delivers today's content, at the end we'll open things up for Q&A with audience okay.

All right.

I want to start by thanking everyone for taking the time to meet with us today, my name is Dan Wharton i'm a customer account manager I work with hundreds and nonprofits across the country and assist them with their day to day, what does that mean.

Well, you may have a new employee that needs a warm welcome showing where to go for answers, really, how can we teach them how to fish, how can they be self sufficient or.

hey need to connect with all the free resources that are available, you may want to import data from another system or eliminate manual processes, maybe you want to know about MIP cloud and its benefits.

Some other use cases or things that that we talked about on a daily basis, expanding account code rank codes, creating new segments, creating a new business entity merging two entities, adding users, removing users auditing your maintenance and support.

things that have been coming up a lot recently changing and fiscal year how to automate ap the list really goes on forever.

customers are always looking for resources free resources tips tricks and how they can better leverage MIP, how can you get the most out of your investment, I can be that person you call to ask for help, I can make your life easier that's what being an account manager jm T is all about.

What else do we do here JMT is the largest MIP reseller, not just in volume and insights.

We have regional offices in Austin national paterson New York and staff everywhere in between we invited migrated talk about their timesheets solution, but the truth is, and my P customers have several options.

Over the years, 30 years total we've observed and learn that there's no such thing as a one size fits all solution.

JMT has vetted hundreds of vendors, to bring the best in class solutions for payroll financial planning and analysis cemetery management ap automation document management and more modular simple everything we do will lead to better processes and greater efficiency.

Take a look at some logos here's a handful of many of the nonprofit's we serve over the year literally thousands literally.

Take a look and see if there are any names that jump out at you, some of them some of these organizations are very small foundations one one person shops, so to speak.

Some are large.

Much much larger so i'm i'm national offices are hundreds of millions in annual spending budget JMT is small enough to deliver a personalized experience but big enough to handle a large scale project, how we do it well.

We have a really great team of professionals.

So take a look at some of these pictures now i'm in sales, so I get to travel and meet a lot of our customers, but a lot of the folks you see pictured here at tend to operate behind the scenes, and for those who don't know or are new to JMT point of view out.

The gentleman, and this is Dennis he's a magician when it comes to financial data and making systems talk to MIP We talked a little bit about importing data from.

A third party system, a little bit earlier that's something that we talked about, day in and day out with our customers.

Carol our chief experience officer has an incredible way of working with customers and helping them realize their potential.

Many customers are met Doug E pink color when they first implemented mvp over the years she's been on site for training engagements she's now head of training here at jmp.

Lucy in the mill she's actually, like many others, start off as a customer and then join JMT as a consultant anyway, I just wanted to, I wanted to kind of highlight some of the names and faces.

it's nice to be able to associate names with faces, so they all do great work, and we all have one common goal, create a great customer experience.

call this the what's in it for you slide, this is about where we talk this is where we talk about customers and their experiences with us.

These testimonials are from G two.com the liturgy the number two.com.

Great third party website.

And the quote from Paula Wiggins and your lower right, it should that's from the microix website.

Microix will see that again here on the next slide but.net is how do you get to their website.

Something I want to point out, because I talked to customers, day in and day out, and they don't many of them aren't aware of the website, but.

The resource that you should be using everyone should be using is the Community the MIP Community just type in community.com into your browser and you should find it.

But this is an online forum for customers, and this is designed to share ideas and solicit feedback from other MIP users there's constant communications from the corporate level.

there's a lot of collaboration amongst our nonprofits and that's a good thing.

There are so many people that are willing to share advice.

words to the wise things like that so go to these websites check out what other nonprofits are saying about us and then give us a call that's that's what we're here for first thing we're going to do is really spend a lot of time listening and observing.

We always start off, I always start off with this one question what prompted you to reach out why are you calling, what are we, what are we, why are we talking about this, what are the problems you're trying to solve.

What are the processes and tools that you already have in place, and how can we build off of them.

Once we have all that information, then we can get someone like Mike are involved or other sales engineers and consultants those other people you met prior screen.

The really cool thing about Mike Ray specifically is that their software is going to adopt your current processes and help you.

optimize them your staff and not going to be enabled with the right tools and the right processes with Mike Ray you will not have to change who you are fundamentally fundamentally how you operate.

More importantly, you're not going to be sending a mission, just to make the software work.

All right, enough about jm T we're going to turn our attention over to micro.

Microix has been a great partner to both JMT and all of our clients microix workflow modules help our clients extend the capability of their migrate of their mvp software as they grow.

they're going to avoid costly conversion to a different platform so once you start adding bits and pieces very common that you might actually have to look at a.

Competitive solution with, with the help of microwave you don't have to do, that the stability and consistency of quality of modules let's jam, do you recommend these solutions without any sort of hesitation.

The microix team as responsive the committed to partners like JMT really just makes a great partnership and great relationship.

Cherry she's going to walk us through the rest of the presentation remember jot down questions in the chat room and we'll have an opportunity to address them at the end of the presentation all right Jerry i'm going to stop sharing my screen and transition this over to you.

Cherry Carlock: Well, thank you so much, Dan i'll go ahead.

And let me just get my screen ready here.

Okay, can everyone see my screen Dan, can you confirm that for me.

Dan Wharton: yep looks great we're on the workflow yeah we're we're in the heart.

Cherry Carlock: Well, thank you so much, Dan again hi everyone, this is cherry with Microix.

And we're so glad that you guys are able to join us today we're going to be talking about the micro time she'd module is a quick overview.

Of the module this module will allow each employee to record their time sheet data electronically, and it automatically routes through an approval multi level approval process.

Upon final approval, Michael will adjust the employees payroll distribution code to match their timesheets allocated hours and it's going to generate a regular timesheet within MIP payroll module.

So the first thing we would like to start talking about before we get into the actual application to jump out over to our website.

And I wanted to sort of talk, first of all, of different ways that you can capture employees time.

So let me go ahead and bring that up for you guys, so you could kind of see all the different methods here and i'm hoping, this is.

coming across clear to everyone here so here's a couple ways, you know, and you can have a combination here just.

We do have biometric time clocks and web time clocks So if you need hourly employees, you know to be able to clock in and out, you know track in and out times for hourly employees, of course, we have those two options for you.

If you're concerned about budget buddy punching we you know definitely recommend the the biometric that I face.

And with this time clock here, you can enroll as you could see here stop using any of these methods so again if you're concerned about buddy punching.

You can enroll them using a facial or a fingerprint we also have an rf ID card that you can roll them with and a key a key tab there okay attack.

The web time clock also has the ability.

To have a GPS tracking if the location tracking is not turned on on the phone browser you can also get that but, again, for hourly employees, if you wanted to track time.

You could use these two methods here, it also will give them the ability to punch in using a distribution code so we'll talk about that, when we get into the actual.

into the software Okay, the other two methods here if you're seeing here electronic time sheets.

Especially if time clocks are not required, you could have employees, using the electronic timesheets where they can charge different.

The charging time to different funding sources, simply by just selecting a distribution code per entry.

So i'll sort of demonstrate that for you as well, we also have the ability, where the system can allow for group timesheet.

Creation where one individual can enter timesheet data for multiple employees OK so again, you can use one or a combination of these methods here.

Now the other big question is, you know how will employees have access to the system Okay, I want to first before we actually jump into the software talk about two different methods, one being.

Simply using a full desktop version, which we strongly recommend more for payroll admin the person who's going to be finalizing the time sheets in the system and transmitted over to MIP.

would require a full desktop and that would be based on concurrent licenses and which is separate from MIP so just wanted to touch on.

That you know that option, the second option is through what we call a web companion, and let me go ahead and bring that up, I think I have that open here, this is where.

it's called a web companion where employees can have access to have sort of an online portal here, I wanted to mention it, because it is affordable and it will give your staff, easy access to my board this option is based on named users, so let me go ahead and open up.

The web companion, so I can kind of show you some of the options staff will have out here.

So each individual will have their user credentials to log in.

And you'll notice that they will have this time sheet drop down here and also what you'll notice that there's some user options here, along with some you know time clock options.

More importantly, they also have some approved or options out here hair so not only can staff come in here to do you know, maybe, create a timesheet request leave.

we'll kind of go through these functions here approve US can jump on here to prove leave or proof timesheets as well, with the exception of course that last.

final approval, they would have to be in the desktop So the first thing you know that employees will have access to you know again if they have an access to this.

cloud companion here is that they'll be able to view their employee information again, this is a read only screen.

it's pulling it directly from MIP so they can come in here and view this if any updates need to be made to this, they could send a quick email to payroll and asked, can you please update my address.

And once that gets updated into my P, it will be reflected here for them in real time.

So one of the things employees will have access to is their employer paste up Okay, so they could come in here print out either their current pay Stub.

view it but also be able to notice here if you're tracking leave in MIP they'll be able to see their leave information as well and print this out, if needed, OK.

Now, another thing if, if you have a formal leaf request process, they can also come in here and request leave.

we'll talk about the workflow in a moment, so once an employee jumps on here to you know request leave this leave request can go to their immediate supervisor for approval.

So in examples I can come in here, and maybe I want to go ahead and request tomorrow off and here is the leave codes, that will be pulling directly from MIP.

And you could stop it if they don't have any leaf or keep it flexible and have the supervisor be the one to go ahead and approve that leaf request you know if I wanted to take a half a day or maybe a full day i'll put in the number of hours per day.

I could put in some notes, here and now, I can just submit this off and this live request would go to my immediate supervisor for approval once has been approved.

Once I submit night time sheet if this request was approved, it will get inserted on inserting onto my time sheet automatically and that's what's going to get routed for approval okay.

So just wanted to show you these these functions out here that's that is available for you know your your request okay.

Some other options, you know of course you've got your approving leaves out here, I just want to kind of show you some of the options available for approvals out here, OK.

So again, this is what we call the micro cloud companion, and it is based on the name keeps let's jump back into the application, now the desktop version and kind of show you.

Some other options here, we talked about employees filling up timesheets maybe salary employees or maybe if you don't need a biometric time clock.

This is how you want staff to come in here and be able to fill out a timesheet so let me give an example of that.

So again, each employee will have their own name and password to log in if I go to my time sheet i'm going to be able to see all my time sheets here for i've been using the system for a while i'll have more time sheets build out here.

And this, you know if I wanted to create a brand new timesheet oh just click on new and it will just prompt me to the next time sheet.

will pay date I need to fill out the time she's booked just for time purposes, I went ahead and created this time sheet here just to kind of show you.

How you could come in here and drop in again depending on your process here's where they can come in here and notice my court is pulling the pay type from MIP.

They have their pay codes here, and here is their distribution codes are charged coach that could again this is pulling directly from am IP based on your payroll and here's where I am able to come in here and drop in.

The number of hours of worked in each you know, a cost Center here or distribution code, so in this example on Friday I work two hours in daycare.

I worked one hour and food services so again, I can click the plus button create a new line, but the idea here is being able to just kind of come in here.

and put in the number of hours of work per day okay now if you have any kind of expense reimbursements that you need to submit and get reimbursed on the payroll side.

There is the ability for you to come in here and add that, along with any attachments receipts that you need to submit for approval Okay, so that option is here, but this is again a just an example of what a timesheet would look like.

They will also have the ability to fill this out on the web, that we saw earlier there's another format that you can set up, if you prefer to have this timesheet.

shown in a different way, instead of dropping in the number of hours, perhaps you want to configure it where they're going to tell you what time I came in, maybe I came in at eight o'clock.

And I thought you know I worked until you know 10 o'clock so a time in and time out and then the system will automatically calculate the hours for you so again, you can you know you can have two different types of timesheets one hours and one with the time in and time out okay.

So that's and again this time sheet once I filled it out i'm going to go ahead and submit it off for approval and that brings me to the next part of the demonstration which we'll talk a little bit about.

workflows OK, so my core this is sort of the heart of the software, this is where you would be able to come in here.

and set up approval processes for these timesheets okay now a workflow could represent one of your supervisors right, I have it, based on a department here, but you can customize these workflows to match your you know, whatever category with life, you know.

And you would assign the employees that belong to this workflow or this manager and, more importantly, how do I want the time sheets routed for approval, let me see if I have a.

Another so again here is an example of how I could set up my approval process for this particular time sheet and each.

workflow design can have a unique approval process okay so here again when this employee submits their record in a timesheet it goes to a manager and then after the manager proof it then moves on to.

The payroll of the final approval that's going to push it over to MIP okay.

Now the other thing I wanted to mention here to is notice here for those who are you know clocking in and out and you want them to you know that they need to affirm that their hours are correct, you can you know have that message.

And when the supervisor creates the the timesheet on behalf of the employee the employee can go ahead and you know approve it, so that could you know or have that certification on there OK.

So again, just a quick overview of the workflow and setting up the workflows as far as how you want those timesheets routed for approval okay.

Now that leaf requests we mentioned earlier that went through of you, maybe my employees, submitted a leaf request, I wanted to show you what it's going to look like for a manager.

That gets that lead request and how easy it will be for them to come in here they'll be able to see I don't have an example here but they'll be able to see all the employee leave request here.

ready for them to review it approve it or deny it before they approve or deny, they also have access, if I jump over to this workflow leaf calendar.

i'll also be able to see who else is off on that day, so I can go back and decide if I want to approve it, or you know again denied or asked him to take another day off.

Now I could see it based on just my workflow so my employees or you could also you know, be able to view it throughout the whole organization let's see who else is off on that day, so I can determine you know so having access that workflow leave calendar may be helpful in.

In being able to approve those leaves okay now a new option we have here it is currently in beta.

Testing right now is a scheduler, I just wanted to briefly mention that to you, it is it's new this will allow staff to do a complete employ schedule.

And you can compare the scale to time to actual time so again keep that in mind that should be coming out soon.

It will eventually get integrated with time clocks at a later date, but I just wanted to quickly mention that okay.

Now, as far as the approval process of these timesheets Okay, when these times she's go through your approval process.

Each manager or Director will be able to go to approve timesheets and they'll see a list of all the time sheets waiting for for them to approve.

Okay, including the payroll the last level approval, I have one year as an example right notice i'm seeing a summary of this time sheet i'm seeing total earnings leave total earnings and over time.

Total hours you know mileage and amount.

So if I wanted to take a closer look at this time she doesn't approve her I most certainly can Double Click on it and review open up the timesheet and see exactly.

You know more details and again with an improver some of the functions all approvals will have they can reroute the time she's back for additional approval.

They can quickly ask a question, if needed, but, again, there will be will to hopefully quickly approve these timesheet.

Now one other option, I wanted to show you especially for upper management with someone who's in the approval.

process of these timesheets and really don't have time to log into this application or through the web, we do have an optional function or feature called html approval.

And I think I have one here, I could show you where instead of again certain level approvals instead of them logging into the application or through the web.

They would be able to approve these times she's directly from an email, so this is an example of what an html approval will see.

They will be able to see the actual time sheet all the detail here and within the email notice they'll have a button here to approve it or reject it, avoid it Okay, we Jeff just moved it back to a previous level.

The void I beliefs puts it in a void status, and you will have be able to add comments when you use these two functions here.

you'll also see all the previous approve or share, and if you wanted to make modifications, then you are named user on the cloud companion you'll have a link here to be a bit click to log in to look take a closer look at this, but I just wanted to show you.

A nice convenient way for.

And a fast way to approve these timesheets for certain approvals using this html OK.

So again, the.

These times are going to go through all the approvals when it gets up to to the final approval they're going to be able to see all the time she's listed out here, they can either wait.

until all the time sheets get to to your level and or you could work through it, you know, based on maybe processing groups or again as you're getting it.

there's also a nice feature here where they could click the status button and the status button, will be able to tell them notice here certain time she said, has not been created, so they will be able, instead of them having to go hunt down.

You know where these time sheets are there'll be able to see that status and know exactly who to contact to get those times sheets moving okay.

So, once all the time sheets are you know.

At the last level of uber what will happen is.

The paywall staff will be able to select all the time sheets and go ahead and click on approve.

And that's what's going to take this time sheets over to your accounting system.

Actually, this was not at the last lover and it's going to turn to this over ready for accounting to log out of my core going to MIP just calculate the payroll and print the checks over in MIP.

Okay, so that, again, is a quick overview of the the time sheets module some other functionality, since we have some time here if you're using the time clocks.

notice there's also in an outboard, we could see, you know as a supervisor I could see who clocked in who's you know did not, I could see an absent list here.

If I am working on several.

of my you know employees time, maybe they're clocking in and out I can process multiple time sheets, I can come in here and see all the punch data.

Right in and out anything that's out of sync will show up and read for me for me to come in here and modify so as a manager, I can come in here see time clock.

You know, history or entries here, I will be able to see exactly which terminal they clocked in from if you have multiple time clocks it will capture any changes this made in here.

And this is where the supervisor can actually create the timesheet on behalf of the employee so being able to process multiple timesheets is another function.

tons of reports out here just depending on what your meeting there's also the ability, where we have some alerts in the system, so if you feel like.

For a timesheet you know you need these timesheets moving in a timely manner or proved in a timely manner, you could set up alerts in here to say Okay, I think, two days, five days is enough time you know, depending on your your pay cycle here.

that they should be submitting their timesheets you know within a certain period of time, you could set those parameters up in the system to make certain that these times sheets are moving in a timely manner.

The other thing I wanted to mention when we talked about the workflows another nice thing to make certain because time sheets so time sensitive when you're building up your workflows you can i'm going to use requisition for a moment, let me see if I have one set up here.

notice, you have alternate approval here so for timesheets you can build in.

You could build in a alternate approval, so that would make certain that these time sheets are being approved in a timely manner.

So again, if a managers out, you can have someone on backup that can go in and you know so that's that's sitting at that level waiting.

upon their return to their proven so really great way for you to make certain.

That these time it's more of a permanent solution to someone who's built into your level that can approve the time sheets.

Or we have something called approval substitution if I know i'm going on a plan leave for vacation I can initiate.

And approval substitution tell the system when i'm leaving when i'm returning and who can approve the time she's for me okay.

Now any rules, you have related to time sheets over time clocking in and out rules all of that can be configured in the software, so the software can can you know control that for you okay.

So other types of reports, you have you know if you wanted to print a time clock early late punch that's available all of these reports in my query can be printed out exported to excel if needed.

Time clock miss punch absent so again, even an allocation report time sheet allocation detail report so lots of report just depending on what your meeting okay.

So I think that pretty much touched on gave you guys a quick overview of the modules do we have any questions Dan or anything I can answer i'm trying to.

Dan Wharton: make certain I didn't miss anything yeah I think there was a question that came in from Leah.

what's the relationship between.

The software portion of microwave that the actual timesheet module and HR processes, meaning.

if a customer does have the HR module from Li p.

Sometimes there's a relationship between their aws module and HR meaning you do one thing from you can do something on one module and it'll impact the other kind of relationship does micro have in that regard.

Cherry Carlock: Well, since we only integrate.

To the MIP payroll module and i'm assuming that the payroll module talks to the you know.


So that would be the only relationship we have is with the MIP payroll.

Dan Wharton: So we're to answer your question there isn't one whatever let's say you're making benefit plans that impact.

That would potentially impact something and payroll uws is not going to or sorry Mike right time sheet is not going to have that same relationship so really all you're doing is just importing the the time and Labor into the payroll piece.

So there's no direct relationship with HR management.

JMT Consulting: looks like we asked another question here, how can you set up exempt employee with standard hours our admins are manually our admins manually enter out manually enter hours.

Cherry Carlock: Man well there is an option, where you can have it where.

If you just wanted new the system.

You know, to allow like sort of a group timesheet creation, where you can have one employee or individual.

into the time she's from multiple employees like say for salary employees and then have those routed that could be.

Set up, but there is a way where you could set up, you know default hours into the time sheet, so if you have default hours you could use an icon below here.

Where you could insert a shift, so you would create a shift schedule with default hours, and when you create your new time she would just you know click on this button here what insert those default hours at a time she'd been now, it can get routed for approval.


JMT Consulting: Okay, and we have one more question here in the chat that came through and is this smartphone friendly or better by a computer for the employee entry of time.

Cherry Carlock: smartphones are great if they're clocking in and out it's more designed for the clock in and out from the smartphone but if you're filling out a time she'd be highly recommend the cloud companion you didn't use any on a tablet or PC because of the screen size.

JMT Consulting: Okay, and just reminder, we can answer any questions, following this webinar as well, all you have to do is just contact Dan or myself or anyone here at jm T or micro would love to help and.

Dan and cherry do y'all have any last comments you'd like to make.

Dan Wharton: I think we are let's see offering starbucks gift cards to anyone who wants to explore this a little bit further, so if you want to book a consultation with either cherry or myself.

Let me see if I can maybe share this share this deck page cherry Can I take screen share back over, of course.


JMT Consulting: it's gonna be by the end of the day this Friday so may 21 if you book a consultation with us by then or you'll receive a believe it's a $10 starbucks gift card.

yeah there's there it.

Is book a consultation with our non profit experts get that i'm an expert today $10 starbucks card book by Tuesday JMT consulting COM slash book.

JMT Consulting: So thank you everyone for joining us today if you again, if you have any questions feel free to reach out, and we also do have the next webinar in our series coming up on June 2 over the inventory module.

JMT Consulting: will be sending out those emails as well, so thank you everyone and have a great rest of your day.

Dan Wharton: Thanks everyone thanks Jerry Thank you.


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