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We get it! Software transitions are hard and timely, but with the right solution to your problems, it can be the most rewarding process. Sage Intacct is an industry leader in ERP solutions that can greatly improve the day-to-day operations of your organization.

In this session, we discuss the important things to consider when choosing an ERP solution and how Sage Intacct can be of service to your organization.

Here at JMT, we are proud to be a Sage Intacct Premier Partner for our excellence within that partner program, helping hundreds of organizations get up and running successfully on Intacct’s leading financial management solution. Hear why we have chosen to partner with Sage Intacct for over 10 years.

Discover Sage Intacct’s extensively adaptable ledger and workflow system, fully customizable financial reporting and interactive dashboards, and best-in-class ease of use.

Lauren Hogan: Okay Hello everyone, thank you all for joining us for today's sage intact to your trusted nonprofit earpiece solution webinar.

My name is lauren hogan and i'm a regional marketing coordinator here at JMT we're very excited to have our own Joel Wright lead us in today's webinar.

he's one of our in tech solutions consultants here at JMT and he's going to go over everything here in a moment.

And so just a couple of housekeeping notes, before I turn it over to Joel if you have any questions during the webinar today.

Please go ahead and submit them into the Q&A section, as you think of them will also save or will save all of them until the end of the presentation, but don't hesitate to submit them as they can.

Also, just a reminder that will send you both some handouts, and the recording of today's webinar within 24 hours after it has concluded and with that i'll go ahead and turn it over to you Joel to get us started.

Joel Wright: Great Thank you Lauren appreciate it and Hello everybody.

As lauren said, my name is Joel Wright i'm a solutions consultant with JMT consulting.

I wish you could all see my face for some reason the camera's not working, but then again i'm glad you can't I just came back from an amazing vacation and I have a very weird tan line.

But in today's zoom calls you always got to be ready for the camera so it's a catch 22 I guess here I wish I could see you or you can see me, but the same time.

He says can line is is crazy, but if you wanted to get a picture of JMT consulting if you're seeing my screen okay everybody here holding the coffee looking at a computer screen.

is essentially what you have at jm T, so we have an amazing marketing team i'm joking, of course, no those are us but they're very excited about what.

screen, and so my goal for us today is to hopefully make each one of you smile like these people, based on what i'm going to share with you about sage intact and why why we recommend it for nonprofit clients.

So jokes aside, I hope everybody had a happy Easter and i'm very excited Thank you so much for spending your afternoon with us.

I really just want to make sure to keep your attention, and hopefully out of this presentation today.

you're going to learn a little bit more about sage intact its functionality, but you're also going to learn about jm T and who we are, just in case you haven't tuned into one of our webinars before in the past, so.

Speaking about those goals if I could get the presentation to work here.

If you want to learn about jm T consulting I think the best place to start is learning about our CEO Jackie T, so our namesake and jm T consulting.

She started GMT 30 years ago back in 1991 and so we're honored we just surpassed our third decade, which is a very rare thing and business today so.

Jackie was a CFO at a nonprofit many, many decades ago, and she went through a lot of different accounting package changes and just never really had a very good experience.

And she felt there's gotta be a better way, and you know she went to her final accounting package experience as a CFO to nonprofit and she was very hands on.

learned a lot about the technology and following the implementation, she was able to go back in.

refine the tech to work better for that nonprofit and shared her story with other C Fos and nonprofits who eventually asked her to come out do the same thing for them.

which ultimately led to jm T so we're all thankful for her passion towards the technology and the nonprofit space, but today I mean we we dedicate all of our time solely towards nonprofits and so.

This is something that our marketing team put together, but I think it pretty much captures the culture mgmt we were built to help nonprofits achieve their missions by a team of people dedicated to serving nonprofits and I am.

Definitely, a part of this my own self I live in the Dallas area and found myself becoming deeper and deeper involved with nonprofit Community here volunteering my time with some.

Local nonprofit associations and if you're to speak to anybody a GMT I think you would find that we're definitely passionate about nonprofit community and what a great environment for us to wake up and know that we have such great clients that we work with.

If you were to ask Jackie what's the secret to success, I think she actually did a webinar on this, hopefully, some of you were able to tune in on this, I think it was last month.

You know how can you make a company last three decades and what's the secret sauce.

her answer was pretty inspiring she said, I think it's because my background working in nonprofits and the fact that i'm extremely mission driven.

The mission driven mindset you just figure out a way right you figure out a way to keep it going and, and so we definitely share that a GMT and and so, hopefully, you could understand some similarities there, knowing that each of you come from a nonprofit.

put together this slide here basically shows that GMT works in all different areas for nonprofits so depending on.

Anything that may be going on any organization, maybe it's on the development side or the program side, we do have a lot of resources here and so today we're going to focus really up on the top left here.

With sage intact, but this just gives you an idea.

Of what services we provide and since we've been around for 30 years and we've worked only with nonprofits i'm sure you could imagine that we've worked with all different shapes and sizes and number of nonprofits.

So here just some of the logo logo is that clients that we worked with you can see how centers colleges.

Religious organizations all all types of different nonprofits that we've worked with so.

enough about us.

what's important to you, so if you're tuning into this webinar you may have heard of sage intact before and you probably know what era P means and so truly the subject matter of this webinar is about your systems, and you know my role as lauren and mentioned and her her dialogue.

Is is truly working with nonprofits that are interested in considering sage intact.

And through my years of working in this position, what i've found to be commonality with each of the clients that ultimately made that switch.

Is it they're looking for these things that are important and i'm not going to go through and read these, but I do want each of you that are tuning in if you do have something that potentially missing here, please put it in the chat but.

reporting is always a big one, we you know you a lot of clients that I deal with.

are working with a system that doesn't really have a very.

Dynamic reporting component, a lot of times they're spending time by creating reports and manipulating data to essentially give them a separate report.

So potentially exporting two or three different excel files mashing them together to get something that maybe is for your board or maybe for your auditors and the amount of time that they spend on that is just kind of frustrating.

Anybody that's in finance in a nonprofit is probably pretty good at excel.

But at the same time you don't want to be spending all your time in excel and trying to make that habit.

So you know, having something that provides that right out of the box is super important.

secure and stable, we have a partnership with another firm not sage intact, where you know they lost access to the data our clients do not have access to it.

So something that is stable ending that you're going to be able to get access to your general ledger pool you know basically do your day to day job is super important and also you want to make sure you want to make sure it's secure.

grant management.

tons of clients are working.

There essentially managing their grandson excel whenever it can be done in their Dr P system so again, this is just something that I feel is important to if i'm wrong in any of these please share that in the chat or if i'm missing any I would love to hear it, because.

It will be better for the next presentation around, so please add that.

Sorry i'm getting a call from my extended warranty I think.

Alright, so speaking about the system and what's important to you what really changes the game and looking at the system and.

And so, if you've been in the industry for a while and you've kind of followed technology trends what you've noticed is.

You know, late 90s early 2000s there's this perpetual like perpetual software which was essentially hardware downloaded onto your computer.

And in order to keep it up to date, you had to pay some sort of maintenance fee, and probably had to go through a regular rigorous process to download the latest version required to my team put and deployed out to your team.

Later 2000s and where we are today is really this subscription model everything's moving towards subscription and why say it changes the game is because thats hard.

Is kind of an anxiety that you had whenever new perpetual system came out with an update.

And having to go through that update you weren't really sure how that was going to affect your system and created anxiety, whereas.

I think all those kinks had been figured out and a subscription model to where these updates to the database can be delivered to you.

Completely seamlessly where you don't have any sort of downtime that you need to download the latest update just kind of happens.

And so the true cloud verse partly cloudy really kind of speaks to the perpetual verse subscription partly cloudy solution is something that I consider was a perpetual system before and is now hosted.

To be a cloud solution and so it's kind of the old version that is now hosted by somebody else it's delivered to the client as a cloud solution.

versus a true cloud solution which was built in the cloud and so these are two really big components, especially when we're talking about just the speed of a system true cloud system is much faster so you're not having to wait minutes for reports to be downloaded.

Also, just its ability to play well with other systems is completely different in these two environments so.

These are big changes to the gay and the next things on this list kind of play into this true cloud environment, so if you're really looking for a system.

Making sure that it's true cloud is going to be really imperative, just to make sure that you're on something more monitor.

And so, looking at that and we're GMC comes from being completely independent we've.

identified sage intact is really the best thing class out there for nonprofit organizations we've worked with.

perpetual systems we've worked with partly cloudy we've worked with several of them out there and it's part of who we are we're 100% in attendance and we test out the companies that we represent.

and truly there just hasn't been anything it's good to sage intact and these three words here integration automation and visibility best describe what sage intact provides our clients with it plays well with other systems, it offers.

machine learning that creates automated functions for your day to day tasks saving time and there's true visibility everything's in real time, as you make an entry into the system it's visible in your budget to actual report or potentially you need a budget to committed report.

All these things kind of play into its core setup and it's not just us g to crowd, which is a third party review company.

Basically, takes reviews from actual users of systems and you could go and do a side by side comparison if you're looking at all the companies out there and see you know.

The pros and cons of what the system looks like, and so a descriptive showing down on the bottom here, you can see satisfaction and on the right.

Is market presence, so if you go right, you have more satisfied users and easy go up market presence basically means sales and so sage intact isn't they don't have the highest market presence, but they do have the highest client satisfaction.

Which is very important, it just basically means they haven't sold as much.

But their customers that have sold to are very satisfied, which to us is a good, you know.

I guess it signifies the fact that they're not taking on more than than what they could chew in my eyes, you know if you sell too much, maybe the service goes down so on so forth, so.

The other good thing is speaking to any of our other clients who were on another product that maybe didn't have access to their product last year in 2020.

In tax uptime has been 99.97% which is.

really impressive so speaking about those things, what I thought would be helpful, is to just show you.

The highlights of the system, and what I see so lauren are you able to see my screen Okay, are you seeing sage intact here.

Well, I don't want to dig too deep into the system, but I do want to speak.

To the items that I feel like each client that we present this to tend to come back like wow that's really awesome.


Right off the BAT you can see kind of going back to that true cloud verse partly cloudy what's going on here is.

Essentially, a notification about any new releases that are going to be coming out within the system.

So again, these these releases, this is a true cloud system they're going to hit the system and oftentimes you could actually beta them before they hit and you could also look at release notes.

sage intact 30% of their clientele is nonprofit which is great, because a lot of their new releases actually impact or nonprofit clients, but this is just something as soon as you log in you're going to see what new releases are coming out.

If you come down here on the bottom right there's just different ways to get to where you want to get in the system and there's also.

appear at the top, where you can pull down what component within the system go and look at there's a global search So if you want to pull up a specific.

entry for anything within the system, you could go on ahead and look at that there and then there's also this component called collaborate.

Within the system that you could actually communicate with your team and share comments on specific journal entries or really anything in the system.

If you had a question about it so it's kind of like this social media component within your GL, and so this you know I had the comment here.

And I clicked on it pulled me directly to this.

General ledger account to take a look so going to go back to the home screen, so we spoke about what's important to you, having reports right a lot of different reports.

So if I come in to the financial reports and let's say I want to look at actual verse budget by grant.

Will click on that.

and open this up here, you can see in this DEMO environment, I have two grants have the Bohemian and the Federal grants, and this is just a trend analysis, where I could see what's going on, has a actual verse budget, you have the difference.

In the sea there's this blue here, which is you know i'm sure all of you have been on the Internet, if it's blue you could click on it.

And so it pulls up that report that made up that basically.

Because it's $500,000 586 So you can see all the different entries that made up that amount and you could go as deep as you want.

So if I want to look at this let's say.

dives in a little bit deeper, and I could see Okay, what was the contribution from wellness Center for the Bohemian foundation side, I can see it right there.

You could also add attachments so any sort of attachment to this record you could do it here, so it could be as simple as a drag and drop.

To have that pulled up, which you know saves a bunch of paper you don't need that paper file anymore, to have that source document tied to the actual entry.

Okay i'm going to go back.

And I haven't seen any chat come through So if you do have any questions, let me know I don't think i'm missing any definitely love to hear any questions you have.

Alright, so if you're a nonprofit good chance you might have grants.

And so sage intact can certainly manage all your grants and contracts and so some of the clients that I work with sadly have a fiscal year.

And, for whatever reason there, Dr P system is not able to maintain the grant contract here if it's separate.

From their fiscal year so let's say you're 10 one but you're awarded a grant like this it's less than one and that it just creates so much complexity, for you to maintain your books and so.

complexity leads to excel, and so they end up kind of having to manage that which.

You know I feel for them and they definitely make make it.

make do with what they have but.

not really needed in today's environment so as you can see here this basically it's just a contract details so as the grants awarded to you, you build out this.

it's basically their profile within the system, and so you can have this for multiple grants.

And i'm just going to kind of click through here a lot of these he probably wouldn't need my DEMO environments pretty souped up so it's got all these different.

tabs up here, but you know, for example here it's talking about an employee, you know so there's specific employees they're tied to this grant.

there's a contract summary so all these different things, so you basically build out the profile the grant and that way whenever you tag any bills to it.

or any sort of entry to it at all, it already has this.

This framework within the system.

To assist you to make sure that you're not you know if it's a restriction that it's not going towards a specific grant.

i'm going to go back to the home screen here.

And i'm going to go to accounts payable.

and enter a bill.

So speaking about machine learning and where it can really save some time.

So I wanted to say, I could do a drop down, I guess, and let's look at fedex.

Because everybody's shipping stuff.

So, as you can see, you know you could populate it from the last bill, which is basically pull all the previous information in here.

And you didn't really see what just happened because I didn't have it at the right area of the screen, but basically all this down here the grant and contract the account.

fun all of that was pre filled based on clicking that button and what each one of these are are called dimensions within intact and so each one of these components can be filtered upon and reported on as needed through the system.

So a couple of things to point out here are this little button here, which is magic.

As soon as I click billable What that means is this bill can now be billable towards while this is no grantee but if let's say this is a Bohemian foundation and I click billable then as soon as I run a report for.

bills, or you know applied expenses towards the Bohemian foundation, and this entry will come up so if you're needing to.

Say submit an invoice with documented detail as to what's attached to that invoice for each one year grand tours.

This button right here is truly magical for that another thing here is that the allocations can be built within the system, you know quite a few folks that are doing their allocations outside of their earpiece system and excel.

there's fixed allocation, so if it's like a percentage, or maybe just $1 amount depending on potentially the account or the fun.

Then, that could be pre built and then there's also dynamic allocation which could do really customized allocation models that can be applied based on.

The entry that you're you're putting in it so just quite a bit here, and I know this is a very short time, but.

You know this whole component right here just is what truly saves our clients a ton of time being able to make this billable have it tied back to the grant and have all of this here and it's just very easy to populate very easy to train up the staff on.

As you can see up here too, so this is part of the new.

The new update, so you could actually look at a DEMO so.

I think that's more than I intended to show today so i'm going to go back over here to the presentation unless anybody had any questions.


Alright well.

You know, looking at sage intact it's an amazing tool and just like.

If you were to look at it in the construction.

I guess scenario, you know you, you can have a construction crew that has great tools, but potentially they're inexperienced and don't know how to use those tools and so that ends up to be a kind of a bad.

That that ends up being a bad configuration, but if you have a great tool was a great partner behind it, somebody that's experienced in those exactly.

Or has done kind of what you're needing to get done multiple times and that's that's a perfect recipe, so we believe sage intact, is an amazing tool but, at the end of the day.

it's our expertise our professional services team that has done this literally thousands of times and we've got this down to a science to make sure that our clients are satisfied and happy, this is a client of ours that.

Obviously you know put a reference together for us and put together this quote and needs in the nonprofit solely focusing on what is exactly what you would want in a consulting group.

So we would love to continue down next steps with you, if you had any questions about sage intact, I want a little bit more of a deeper.

demonstration of it, or like to discuss maybe what some of the things you're nonprofits going through right now, we would love to set up a call and and have that discussion with you, so I think i'm right on time lauren I haven't looked at the clock.

Lauren Hogan: it's all good thanks so much.

And so don't forget you can submit your questions into the Q&A down below we can just wait a little bit see if any come through.

And as Joel said next steps we would love to set up a meeting with you, if you wanted to contact us, we will be making follow up calls from this webinar.

And so we would just love to even just learn more about your organization as well.

And, but looks like.

that's I will have any questions come through so we'll just go ahead and conclude the webinar today.

And so, thanks again Joel for leading us and Thank you everyone for being here, we hope you enjoyed the presentation.

Joel Wright: And we hope you have a good rest of your day. Thank you everyone.

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