Signs and Symptoms of an Outdated Accounting System

As your nonprofit grows, your tools and technology need to evolve with it — otherwise, you may risk creating inefficiencies that can impact your ability to deliver on your mission most effectively. When it comes to technology needs of a nonprofit, your accounting system is particularly critical as you rely on it to manage grants, keep up with rules and regulations, and much more.

But how do you know if you have outgrown your current ERP software? JMT Consulting has helped hundreds of nonprofits update their accounting systems, and we know exactly what growing pains are typically associated with the need to migrate.

In this webinar, JMT’s CEO & Founder Jacki Tiso will share:

Growth-related needs that typically require a full system overhaul
Growth related needs that may be addressed with add-on functionality or changes in process, and
The top features for nonprofits that are common in modern accounting solutions

The Nonprofit Accounting Software Buyers' Guide

In today’s complicated climate, is your accounting software helping you grow and achieve your mission—or holding you back? This guide will help you understand whether it’s time to make a move.