The CFO’s Guide to Strategic Planning

The scope of the Nonprofit Finance Leader’s role is constantly expanding. You now have to balance the duties of accounting while playing a transformational role in driving your organization’s strategy. Due to these expanded responsibilities, there is a tension between financial and strategic roles and an intensified need for better data to inform decision-making.

In this session, Jacqueline Tiso (Founder and CEO, JMT Consulting), John Davidoff (Founder and Chief Mission Driver, Davidoff Mission-Driven Business Strategy), and Jolie Bou (Chief Financial Officer, Samaritan House) join together to discuss how you can overcome this tension to spend less time on accounting tasks and invest more time developing a strategic plan for your organization. Learn about the 4 roles for strategic CFOs – The Responder, The Challenger, The Architect, and The Transformer – and discover answers to questions such as:

  • How will your organization differentiate itself to deliver its mission?
  • What management systems and processes are required to succeed?
  • What is mission-driven strategy?
  • How can the CFO role contribute to a mission-driven strategy?