Transform Your Organization with Sage Intacct

Do you dream of a completely streamlined finance operation that eliminates data entry, customizes workflows, and accelerates routine accounting for your nonprofit’s back office?

By implementing a solution like Sage Intacct, that dream could be closer than you think. As a best-in-class ERP with functionality built exclusively for nonprofit organizations, Sage Intacct empowers finance professionals to transform their accounting processes for the better.

In this session we:

  • Discuss the different processes you can automate with Sage Intacct
  • Show you how automation can impact your day-to-day operations and help advance your mission
  • Review how you can determine if Sage Intacct is the right fit for your organization

Ready to chat about how your organization can automate manual processes and gain valuable visibility into the financial health of your nonprofit?

JMT Consulting: Okay Thank you so much, everyone for joining us today.

For our webinar transform the organization with sage intact, my name is lauren hogan and i'm a regional marketing coordinator here at jm T.

we're very excited to have our own Andy harlan lead us in the webinar today he's our Vice President of sales here at jm T and he's going to go over everything here in a moment.

Just double teaming notes, though I turn it over that you have any questions during the webinar today, please go ahead and submit them into the Q&A section, as you think it.

will save them all until the end of the presentation, but don't hesitate to submit them as they come.

Also, just reminder that will send you both some handouts, and the recording of today's webinar within 24 hours after it has concluded and with that i'll go ahead and turn it over to you any to get us started.

Andy Harleman: Great Lauren, can you confirm, you see my screen.

JMT Consulting: yep looks great.

Andy Harleman: Alright well thanks everyone for spending some of your time with us here today to talk about how you can transform your organization using sage intact.

And so what I want to do here is first is, I want you to understand who it is that jm T is.

Our credentials and everything else, and therefore kind of give you a sense for why it is that we work with intact and why it is that we recommend it.

For nonprofit organizations, you can see right up front to entice you a little bit, this is a screenshot from intact, as you can see there's a lot of really cool stuff there metrics dashboards the ability to see a lot more things, and you can see, in your prototypical.

old school ERP system, so let me first make sure you understand who we are jm T is a firm that was built.

for the sole purpose of working with nonprofit organizations and we were founded by Jacqueline Marie Tiso, hence the name Jackie is still our CEO she was a finance person at several New York area nonprofits back in the 80s and she four different times was a customer.

As a nonprofit finance person, a customer of technology solutions accounting software and such that.
That they implement it so she saw things from your side, from the perspective of a customer who's implementing a new tool and frankly.

Jackie often says she was less than impressed with some of the service that she got back in those days, and so she decided.

She could do better than that, and so it was in that spirit that she founded GMT 30 years ago.

Four months ago, so January was our 30th anniversary so we've been doing this now for 30 years, all we do is help nonprofit organizations implement tools like this.

Today at sage intact 30 years ago was different products, there have been lots of software products that have come and gone over the years.

And part of our job at jm T is to make sure we know what's out there and that we're always recommending the current latest greatest cutting edge technology for nonprofit organizations.

So i'm going backwards on that, I am sorry next one, so our mission at jm T is your business your mission I should say, is our business what am I saying.

So we are known, because we have thousands of nonprofit clients we're known for rapid affordable and yep thorough implementations and really truly our deep nonprofit expertise.

You know, when you set up accounting software for a nonprofit organization you better understand how to check the nature of restrictions on net assets, for example, there are a lot of really unique things about nonprofit accounting.

That have to inform decisions about how you set a system up and that's what we have is that deep nonprofit understanding that helps us to set the system up exactly right for you and your nonprofit organization.

These are some of the many clients that we work with and have worked with over the years, as you can see all different kinds of organizations.

I think it's great, I can tell you how great tmt is all day long, but this is one of our clients who talked about the fact that just how we were able to identify the specific needs of a nonprofit and how that was exactly what he wanted in a nonprofit in a consulting group.

The other thing that's really important for you to understand about jm T is that we are independent.

we're here today to talk about sage intact, but we are not the publisher jm T is an independent consulting firm who could work with any publisher that we want to work with.

we've chosen the ones we work with for very specific reasons, so we are not.

A software publisher and here's why that should matter to you first our commitment is to you and your project and supporting you after the fact.

We curate only the best solution, so we can go out there and monitor the marketplace and pull together the best combination of solutions, whatever it takes for you we're not beholding to just one publisher.

And we're able to then assemble that in the perfect for you solution from our ecosystem, and this is what our ecosystem looks like, if you think about all the different areas.

That are impacted or that existed a nonprofit organization, I should say jm T has different products that we work with, and these are some examples here.

Of the tools that jm T has worked with so today we're going to be talking about sage intact and its excellence in the areas of non profit finances.

But you can see, we work with other products as well, and we have always over the years, there have been.

Different publishers we've worked with some we have turned in in our relationships with because we felt that they no longer met the needs of nonprofits.

If there's an application out there now that you've heard of that you don't see on this screen there's a good reason why we have chosen not to partner with that organization as well.

Because, as you can imagine JMT has been around a long time we get regularly recruited by almost every software company and we say no to the vast majority of them because.

The vast majority of them don't work well for nonprofits and the vast majority of them, even if they did nonprofit accounting are typically not the kind of.

user friendly tool that a nonprofit would want and other reasons, like that so.

It takes a lot for us to say yes and here today we're going to talk about stage in tech which we're really excited about and how it's helped so many different nonprofit organizations.

Another quote one of our great clients john and the cat had cancer care in New York talked about.

How his onboarding process was really the crowning achievement, and that that really is everything that we're all about software is just software and we always say it's kind of like a tool.

But you need an expert who knows how to use the tool to really make it do what it's supposed to do, and so I think john testifies to the fact that jm T is that expert so.

The other thing that I wanted to point out to you is that intact does a few things.

That are different that take it to the next level first it has what we call metrics that matter, this is a screenshot some different examples and this organization.

Their revenue is actually comes from a sample database that we have, but it actually was a real use case scenario, we set up a real client who.

talked about the fact that they were very much required by their board to hit a revenue number in some ways, like a for profit might have.

But their clinical organization and they knew the critical factor for them was how much revenue is generated per clinician.

Because that then would inform their decisions about how many conditions they needed to have in order to hit their revenue goal and so that metric is able to be tracked in sage intact, because sage intact, has an entire.

Statistical ledger that treats statistics, just as dollars and cents are treated and then you can do computations between these statistics and dollars and cents and actually get meaningful metrics like what you see there.

Another critical feature of sage intact, is the ability to get that visibility when when I talk to organizations.

When we first when someone first approaches us and says hey i'd like to talk about new accounting software, we do a deep dive discovery questionnaire session with them.

And I can't tell you how many times, people say you just don't have the visibility that I need.

into the details, so this is an example right from a financial report, you can drill into actual detailed down to the general ledger transactions behind the numbers on the report when you're in sage intact.

Again, I can tell you how great we are all day long hungry tagine tech is, but there is a website called g to crowd were real users that rank it and changing tech continually wins the highest scores in the key areas such as satisfaction.

And this is a chart that actually shows, if you look at satisfaction at the bottom access the furthest to the right of any nonprofit tool is sage intact.

It is absolutely the highest customer satisfaction just slightly below the top and market presence, but we don't care about market presence we care about.

customer satisfaction, so it continues to get the highest rankings there, and those are real users doing you know authorized users doing are authenticated users, excuse me, doing reviews on the G to crowd website.

So summing up again about jm T is that we are small enough to provide exceptional personalized customer service to, but we are large enough to handle any size or scope.

of implementation, so we have a proven methodology our process looks like this i'm not going to read you all these bullet points, but you get the idea.

We thought this through we've been doing this for 30 years so again it isn't just you can't just buy software like this and turn it on and have it work for you, you have to have some help implementing it.

And that's what our methodology is all about, and we are here to be your partner for the long term.

we're not just here to help you turn on your software and get it going in a couple of months we're here to support you long after the fact, we see things all the time, maybe.

A key staff member from your finance department leaves and you have someone new come in and they need some quick training call jm T back will help you.

Maybe, five years after you implement sage intact the way you decided to help set up to set up your chart of accounts.

has changed a little bit maybe there's something new, about the way you do your organization's.

finances that require a little change there that's okay call us we'll help you there are many, many other things.

That we can do to just support you long beyond when you first turn on the software and that's why we have a whole slew of post implementation services and support that we also offer to you.

So to sum up about GMT and another quote from Sarah here one of our favorite clients who said many nice things about us that we became.

Truly part of her family so that's a little bit about GMT and a little bit about the give you a little bit of a sneak peek into the software, but let me now i'm sorry, let me pull up the actual live copy.

which, as you can see i've logged into I happen to use a you know this particular browser I use duck duck go.

But you can use any browser you want and i'm just logging in via tab there is no software installed locally, on your machine you're not logging into some private cloud somewhere else.

With a firewall or some vpn connection, this is a browser based tool it's no different than if you wanted to go to your linkedin account or your Facebook account it's based.

In a browser you don't have to worry about any IT infrastructure so.

This is an actual database that we have it's a sample database that we have just for you know demos like this, but you can see i'm logged in.

and the first thing you might notice again is this is a live dashboard and there are different things on this dashboard this is somebody in this case we call CFO alternate dashboard.

This is an organization that or this person who logs in wants to look at these specific things on their dashboard you might notice quite a few things.

A lot of colors what does that mean well sage in tech has something that they call conditional highlighting on its reports in this case and again this is sample database so some of these numbers look awful if that was a real life organization, it would be in real trouble but.

What these do is they draw your attention to materiality so dark red is bad right green good i'm are used to be on a nonprofit board, and I can tell you.

There were some great board members and one person in particular, he was a wonderful board member, but not a finance person and he he was a little bit intimidated by financial statements and would.

ask a lot of questions and I remember one time, he asked the question about a 17% variance and really I thought to myself we're spending our time talking about a 17% variance.

And you know the poor guy he didn't understand finance he came from the other side of the House, and it was a very valuable board member in other ways.

But the point is, if you have somebody like that, on your board or you have maybe program people who aren't really finance specialists.

The the ability to draw their attention to what really matters and what they should really be thinking about via conditional highlighting is very important and it's something that can.

really help have make these numbers more meaningful to people.

And you can see, again, there are other things on here charts and graphs you can even have a CNN news feed which we just randomly through on here to show that we can.

There are other things that you can do in the system to you can dry, you can link right up to your Google drive or other dropbox folders and things like that you can chart out different things like your revenue mix, you can have cash flows and then at the top, you might have noticed.

That there is a.

aging report a standard aging report but up here as an approval workflow so this person is an approval in purchasing requisition P O, so to speak, he doesn't have any to approve right now, but if he did they would appear right here The other thing is, you have.

The ability to do what we call chatter collaborate within the tool now I have humorously made one here, which is something that shows you can.

actually ask different colleagues about.

different things that maybe why they coated something some way, so I jokingly made this one that says why did you put it that way you moron I don't think anyone would really do that.

Unless they wanted to unpleasant visit with HR afterwards, but the idea is right on a transaction, you can make notes and then this person has chosen to have the feed on their dashboard.

But I can actually click on that and it will open up go right to that transaction, so I don't have to.

I don't have to go struggling around and looking looking at transactions, when I get a note like this, I am able to just click right to it.

And that is very powerful tool we talked to people all the time, who say they're constantly you know before Kovac we had one client who said.

Their CFO was on a different floor than them and they were constantly up and down the stairs asking and answering questions from the CFO about things like that.

And they were joking that with this tool, they might all gain weight, because they won't be up and down the stairs anymore, but in in all seriousness, in this.

coven reality that we're all living in where so many people are working from home.

The facilitation of that kind of communication between staff members about transactions and other things is critical.

And all being in the cloud, you can you can do that, right from your own home, so I clicked and went right back to that bill, but if I just go back i'm back where I was here on this dashboard.

Just one example, now I want you to understand that this is not a set dashboard configuration.

Every dashboard of the system is just personalized and depending on your security if you have the rights to do so, you can simply add things to your dashboard.

Or you can even just decide to move things around and place them where you want them it's entirely up to you, so to illustrate how it's a completely different experience for different users, depending on their.

role, a role in the organization, we have several dashboard setup that was CFO fault, but what if I want to go and look at perhaps what a controller was looking at again.

We just set up a couple of sample dashboards but maybe these are the kinds of things that this controller is thinking about on a regular basis and, as you can see again different.

Conditional highlighting, you can have trends and arrows just showing whether something's trending up or down and other such things so.

You can look at all this right from your dashboard The other thing you can do is from any of these reports and this is critical, you can actually drill down and look all the way at transactions so let's say i'm Looking at this report and I see.

salaries and friends and retirement matching and whatever I want to do let's say I want to just look at one of these, and I click on this 3820 actual i've drilled all the way in now to the actual report all of my screen because of the zoom meeting.

It put it up in the wrong spot there, but you get the idea I can I never lost my work i'm still right back where I started.

In fact, my original dashboard here because it just opened new tabs in my browser window.

So, to be able to get down to that visibility right from your dashboard you can do that if that transaction had had an attachment on it, you can do that, you can look right back to the attachment as well.

Within sage intact, there are many different components that you can add on some come with the software some don't.

But you might notice a few that I want to point out to you, with your core subscription to sage intact, not only do you get the standard things you would expect, like GL and ap ar but it comes with purchasing.

That is they call it purchasing, I think that maybe it's poorly named they might want to call it something more than that because it could be a lot more than just purchasing.

But it can do all workflows around ap whether it's a traditional requisition into purchase order process we have many clients that do more of a ask for.

forgiveness not permission, we have clients who use the purchasing tool for a check request workflow because they have their program managers that just basically have budget.

To be able to make you know decisions here and there about things that they have to buy and they may just need a check, so that they can buy something from a vendor spur the moment and they just use this for a check request workflow.

That can all be done within the system, there are many other advanced tools that you can do you can track time and expense, we have organizations that are grant funded that use this.

Not so much to drive their paychecks on their payroll because many organizations are still using outside payroll tools like adp but.

To do things like certification of effort on you know where your time is spent and what grants, you can charge time to is a very big important thing that can be done there and then you can see other things.

To just give you a sense for many of our clients are grant funded.

sage intacct can even do the ability to tag expenses towards a grant as allowable then at the end of the month, you click a button.

And it automatically creates the invoice back to the grand tour, which includes all of the allowable tagged previously tagged expenses for you.

And click of a button for some organizations that's something that is taking 15 2030 hours a month from a from a person in finance and that can all literally go away with the click of a button because of sage intact, other things that are in here include more.

dynamic and advanced allocations so sure at any transaction level, you can do things like.

split up a bill, you know by percentage across different programs, but many of our clients have to do much more complicated allocations than that.

Where, for example, you may pool certain costs and, at the end of the month, allocate them out to the programs based on something else, like.

Relative revenue of each program no problem with a tool like allocations management that comes with the software so.

The tool comes with much, much, much capability, we have some clients on this software, who are only two and three users pretty simple just cutting checks doing general ledger and financial reporting.

But then we have other clients who are very advanced with 20 and 30 people in their finance department, who are using multi currency multiple entities.

purchase order workflows and the like intact can scale to fit your needs whether you're a small nonprofit or a very large complex one at that.

One other quick thing I just want to give you a look at is the reporting tools within sage intact right out of the box, so to speak, although I guess, we could say out of the clouds it doesn't come in a box like old software did.

Is the ability to have all of these financial reports and, as you can see their standard financial reports that come with the software.

And then there's ones that we can actually set up in a different way, so i'll just give you an example let's say i'm looking at this functional expense report, and I want to edit it.

What you can do is you can take any of the reports that come with the system.

And then simply edit them save as with a new name, so in this case you just you know we would train you on how to do this, but I just want you to get a sense for the capability you just click over here, this gives you the basic information on this.

And this shows you what rows you're using and it's based on account groups that are set up that include whatever GL combinations you want.

And you can call the account group label whatever you want it to be so that if you're reporting back to a grand tour that has certain.

Labels they require, on their reports, no problem we'll just help you to find that, but the account grows and then you've got your columns and I think this is where a lot of the power comes from you can you can see the columns that are on this report now, but you can do things like.

add a new column, to the right do that and then let's just say, for whatever reason i'll just give you some examples of the types of columns you can add.

Just in this one drop down this should give you a good sense of it, the types of columns that you can quickly add a computation column, and it tells you how you can copy take.

Different types of budget columns budget forecast columns percentage of amounts and so forth, furthermore.

All of these can be expanded, so you have your chart of accounts and your dimensions of your chart of accounts, you can expand by.

goes or buy time periods or funds and entities, or whatever, all of these different areas, and so that allows a lot of flexibility for you to set up the exact.

kinds of reports that you need to set up for your organization, so we can't possibly go into a deep dive with every possible thing that you can imagine, on the DEMO like this today, but I just want you to get the sense.

For what's possible this software can do many, many things, and it certainly is not the old school software that you may be used to with.

Just black and white rows and columns and maybe you have to split everything into excel.

Because you can't do the exact configuration of reports that you want to do, out of your system so sage intact, as you can see, is extremely powerful.

So that's what I have for you today in terms of showing you the software and now I see, I think we have at least one question coming in, and while I go to look at the questions and i'll answer that.

Is it possible to link salesforce.

I do see that question.

and high net I happen to know that so nice to see you on this, is it possible, yes, it is in fact the.

sage in tech and salesforce have a really tight relationship and there is a salesforce integration.

module essentially that you can buy with sage intact and in fact jm T uses sage intact internally, as well as salesforce and we ourselves use that very integration it's bi directional so if we update and address.

On one side it'll update on the other side, and obviously the important dollar data flows between them as well.

So do we have any other questions.


As we turn don't forget to submit your.

Name yeah that's returns.

i'll just go back to this a SEC, but I see another questions come in.

Can you show us briefly how intacct interacts with outsource obligations as as cash flow through video when it comes to ap check people's yeah actually i'll tell you what i'm going to do instead I will.

I don't know if that specific one is on here but i'll just show you what intact is intact, I would say, think about your if you have an iPhone like I do, or whatever kind of phone it doesn't really matter, there is a.

marketplace like there's an APP store on an iPhone and so here on the tech website i'll show you some examples so there's a whole area of marketplace partners, and this is really critical to understand sage intact.

doesn't ever pretend to be all things to all people, they are from the beginning, something they call best in class in tech focuses all of its research and development efforts in dollars.

on making the best core financial system that can be out there, they are not going to dilute their focus or their dollars, by trying to build.

A CRM better than salesforce or payroll better than adp or one of the other ones instead they've created a platform that plays nicely with others and can integrate with.

virtually any tool out there, that you can imagine, so there are other software out there that compete with intact.

But if you buy their software they're going to want to say their payroll well, maybe you don't like their payroll as well as you like their general ledger, so why should you have to settle in tech doesn't make you make that choice, so this is an example.

of some of the ones that are out there, if we go to ap automation and welcome to the code world folks I don't know if you hear my dog barking, but I do apologize for that.

The mailman must be here, so this is an example of you know, some ap automation tools, as an example, you can see, the different categories out there, so there are many, many, many ones out there and i'm not sure if cash flow 350 happens to be one, but even if it isn't.

intex it's very easy to connect data from any tool into intact, because it's important tools and it's api's just make it very easy to do so we can have a further conversation with you about that.

and your specific situation, but just suffice it to say there are literally hundreds and hundreds of marketplace partners.

And many more hundreds of other products out there that have been integrated within tech that maybe don't sell that integration on the marketplace.

So another question from neta could you mentioned in the modules that come standard yes core financials comes with general ledger ap ar.

Purchasing it actually comes with order entry and but very few nonprofits use that though some do and and then it's just a question of which of those you want to turn on.

But essentially that that's what comes in financial reporting is included in that, of course, as well, so that would be the core modules and there are many others that can be added on.

give it a moment any other questions.

All right, so.

In conclusion, what we would like to do is we understand this as a webcast isn't always the best format for being able to have the.

You know q&a you want to have so we would like to have an individual conversation with everyone here, so what we're doing is this.

we're asking everyone if you would book a consultation, if you book it by this Friday we'll give you a free $10 starbucks gift card.

And we'll just give you a initial consultation and we'll talk to you about your current situation and will from that conversation.

will set up, if necessary, if you want to talk further we can set up a deeper dive discovery conversation.

But we can certainly get more detailed questions answered for you and we can even work towards getting you a.

ballpark sense of the cost of the tool we realize that's really important some organizations have a much limited more limited budget than others and we understand you can't always.

You don't want to spend your time looking at something if it's not in the price range you needed to be in so we respect that and want to make sure as early as possible that we can give you at least a good faith estimate.

As to what it would cost you so that is our our ask of everyone here on this call is to go to that and book a consultation with us by this Friday for that $10 gift card, and we have another question, it is priced by there's a core subscription for the course modules and then there are different user types, so it is not concurrent but rather name users and they have.

Different user types of finance user they call it business user, this would be the most.

The users, that are the most expensive they're the ones that can be given the rights to doing, but basically anything in the system, but they have much less expensive users as well.

People who can look at reports, and also participate in workflow so it's it depends on the number of users and the type of users, you have plus the core subscription and any add on modules ultimately is what determines the price.

All right, lauren, are there any anything else you wanted to add here.

JMT Consulting: Now it looks like that's great and don't forget to go to and we would love to speak with you.

Andy Harleman: Thank you everyone, and if you have any other questions you know, even without the slash book there's lots of great material there, and you can always find the phone numbers on that website and call us if you'd rather just pick up the phone call somebody right now that's fine too.

So thank you all for your time today we really appreciate it, I hope that this has been informative for you and have a great rest of your day yeah.

JMT Consulting: Thank you so much Andy for the presentation as well.

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