Workforce Go! Automates Entries Back To Sage Intacct With a Push of a Button

Obtaining money through a grant is not like earning it through fundraising. As a rule, fundraising dollars can be spent on whatever you wish. On the other hand, organizations typically award grants for special projects. The range is broad, but your application must state specifically what you need the money for and how you will spend it. Then, you must follow the plan you laid out, and, in most cases, you are required to account for how the grant money was spent including Payroll, Time, and PTO. If you are like most mid-market nonprofits, allocating Payroll, Time, and PTO entries per pay period can be a tedious manual process.

Chris Goheen, President of Workforce Go!, speaks to how their exclusive Workforce Go! Sage Intacct Integration will automate this process for you and…

  • Save you time and reduce errors
  • Provide Leadership and Program managers with grant fund financial reporting
  • Improve visibility in the grant spend expenses
  • Become your auditor’s or Grantor’s hero by providing timely and complete reporting

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