The 3 Most Compelling Reasons Nonprofits Should Consider Switching from QuickBooks

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At JMT, we have worked with over 1,000 nonprofit organizations during the last 22 years to systematically evaluate their financial reporting and operational requirements and identify “best fit” solutions that will help them optimize their financial management systems and processes.  One of the key things we have learned during that time is that no two organizations… Continue reading


The Value of Independence

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There are a lot of choices in the marketplace.  The dizzying array of consumer choices and relentless marketing bombard us with claims and statements that make it hard to discern fact from fiction.  As a consumer, it is difficult to make a truly educated choice.  This is true in the business application marketplace and it… Continue reading


What is Nonprofit Accounting Software?

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I spoke recently with a prospective client that asked a simple question:  What makes nonprofit accounting software “nonprofit accounting software”?  I realized at that moment that there are software products in the marketplace that bill themselves as being “built for nonprofits” and there are others that claim to “work well for nonprofits”, but then the… Continue reading


Software vs. Solution

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Why work with an independent value-added reseller versus a software publisher directly? If you have ever approached a software vendor about their product, it probably went something like this:   “Do you have budget for a purchase?” “When do you plan to buy?” “Are you the decision maker?” “Who is our competition?”  “Have you seen a… Continue reading


Why Evaluating and Reconfiguring Your Financial Management Software is Critical

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Why is everything so hard?   Things used to be great.  The data entry made sense.  The reports were all configured to give us exactly what we needed.  Month end processes were efficient, routine and predictable.   Now it seems like we’re doing more and more offline in Excel spreadsheets.  Coding is confusing.  Month end is… Continue reading