Why Evaluating and Reconfiguring Your Financial Management Software is Critical

Thoughtful Planning

Why is everything so hard?   Things used to be great.  The data entry made sense.  The reports were all configured to give us exactly what we needed.  Month end processes were efficient, routine and predictable.   Now it seems like we’re doing more and more offline in Excel spreadsheets.  Coding is confusing.  Month end is… Continue reading


5 Tips for Creating an Effective RFP for Business Application Software

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  Many large (and some small) nonprofit organizations and most state and local government agencies have formalized procurement policies that require the use of an arm’s length, competitive bidding process for purchases over a particular amount, also known as a Request for Proposals (RFP).  Regardless of the rationale for the policy or the desired outcome,… Continue reading


Why Guaranteed, Fixed-Price Projects are Ideal for Nonprofits

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How much is that?  Are you sure? Consultants, CPAs, attorneys and other professionals have long relied on time & materials billing as a cornerstone of project costing.  When a client approaches with a problem, they estimate the number of hours they will likely need to complete the work and then multiply that by the hourly… Continue reading


Why Doesn’t Anyone Read These Reports?


Sometimes working in nonprofit finance can be frustrating.  A tremendous effort goes into carefully planning, recording and reporting financial information to meet regulatory and funder reporting requirements and provide actionable decision support information to the organization’s management team.  What we hear very frequently is that managers in some organizations seem indifferent about the information that… Continue reading


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Financial Confidence

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We all know the story of the “Wizard of Oz” and Dorothy’s journey to follow the yellow brick road in order to reach Emerald City. She chose the path of the unknown and despite all obstacles, the path took her where she needed to be.   Like Dorothy’s journey, it is frightening to many nonprofits… Continue reading