A Cloud Solution Should Provide More Value, Not Create More Work


Nonprofit organizations need to remain focused on the mission, not distracted by software systems. Whether you have a strong IT team or not, a cloud-based financial management solution may provide more value and versatility than you may think. Here are three benefits for replacing inefficient software with a cloud-based solution.

The technology available to nonprofit organizations has changed greatly over the years. The legacy systems or specialty software that you have in place today aren’t keeping up with the pace of change and it’s time to put a more efficient system in place. Many nonprofit chief financial officers (CFOs) are evaluating new options, including cloud-based financial management solutions. While there are many benefits to these more modern solutions, here are three ways your nonprofit will profit from this technology:

  1. Save time and money on IT management: Many nonprofit organizations don’t have the budget to employ a team of IT experts. A cloud-based financial management solution reduces the time and cost for managing IT by putting the burden on your cloud provider. Instead of wasting time on system upgrades and user support, your people can focus on other mission-critical tasks.
  2. Integrate key applications: Integrate on-premises and cloud-based applications through a strong cloud financial management system. Seamless integrations offer automated workflows and data flow which supports processes throughout your organization. Not only does this improve productivity, it also provides greater visibility you can then use to strengthen operations and improve services for the membership or communities you serve.
  3. Cost savings and stronger security measures: One of the most significant benefits to cloud-based solutions is the cost savings from hardware and IT support. Nonprofits also realize savings from licensing, support of the software and infrastructure, and stronger security measures. Nonprofits can now take advantage of enterprise-class security with backups and disaster recovery, as well as cost savings.

Outdated, inefficient software is distracting and makes it harder to achieve nonprofit goals. A cloud-based solution provides greater value and cost-savings, especially in this fast-paced, digital era.

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By JMT Consulting Group, national provider of technology and services to the nonprofit sector.



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