Meet Aaron Harris, Sage’s visionary Chief Technology Officer, steering emerging tech investments, AI-powered innovations, and driving the company’s SaaS excellence. Aaron’s passion lies in powering the accounting industry forward with transformative technology, and building the next generation of diverse tech talent.
Based on years of consulting, training, and coaching with social sector leaders and organizations nationally, Jacki Davidoff, Principal of Davidoff Strategy, and Executive Leadership Coach, shares concepts that invite personal reflection and learning through small and large group exercises. Each participant will be guided to define a vision of the next level of their effectiveness and leadership within their organization – and come to recognize they have much more capacity than they know. This work involves understanding we each have internal, habitual ways we think and act – – our “internal system” – – and that our missions call us to develop skills to intentionally disrupt our “systems” and make choices as Mission-Drivers.
David Greco is a nationally recognized nonprofit leader, speaker, and author on creating a more sustainable and effective social sector. Today David serves as President & CEO of Social Sector Partners helping nonprofits and funders better understand what it really costs for nonprofits to be sustainable and achieve long-term impact. Since May 2023, David has been volunteering in Ukraine helping people and communities that have been devastated by the full-scale Russian invasion and on-going atrocities. He is providing humanitarian aid and medical supplies to combat medics and front-line defenders as well as helping to rebuild schools, homes, and communities damaged by shelling, flooding, and other acts of war.

“Patrick, a native of Phoenix, Arizona has served on both cultural and social service Boards. She has worked with more than 500 nonprofit organizations during her career. Prior to establishing the American Nonprofit Academy, Patrick published award-winning niche publications such as The Arts and Crafts Chronicle, The Wedding Chronicle, Food & Flourish and Frontdoors News over a 25 year span. Patrick’s work with nonprofits led her to realize these organizations were desperate for cost effective training and topic-specific education.

The process of philanthropy is a constant in communities across America, but it’s a changing sector. “Benevolence is no longer the only reason for giving. Donors are expecting more, demanding measurements and seeking solutions,” explains Patrick. “Today’s nonprofits need to operate from a place of passion and accomplish their missions using all the business tools of a professional organization.”

This is where the American Nonprofit Academy comes in. Using engaging panel discussions, lectures, on-line courses and workshops, with highly respected experts, Patrick and her team have developed innovative low-cost programs focused on educating nonprofits. “Our goal is to help nonprofits achieve their mission, vision and values,” adds Patrick. This includes working with nonprofit leadership level professionals, volunteers, donors and Board Members.

Training topics are wide ranging and thought provoking. The Nonprofit Board Boot Camp moves Board Members through a fast-paced course on leadership, stewardship and governance. Individual workshops include subjects covering donor relations, marketing, communications, accounting, human resource management, real estate, event planning, auctions, donor demographics, naming rights and even social venture management. “As organizations search for innovations and solutions, our curriculum continues to expand.”

Jacqueline is a frequent speaker on financial management and Cloud (SaaS) technology. She is regularly called upon for her expertise by the media and as a conference speaker. Several years ago, JMT migrated most of its internal systems to the Cloud. After experiencing the benefits of these systems, Jacki has been a leading proponent of Cloud systems for non-profits. Jacqueline continues to serve on a number of nonprofit boards and committees in support of their efforts to make a difference in the world.

Jacqueline is an enthusiastic and passionate leader frequently called upon to speak on financial management and cloud technology topics for nonprofit organizations. As a proponent of these modern systems, Jacqueline has received national recognition from accounting and nonprofit industry organizations and publications. Prior to founding JMT Consulting Group, she was CFO and Comptroller for a number of nonprofit organizations. Jacqueline has assisted nonprofit organizations with accounting services, technology, executive management, and board consulting.

As Director of Consulting and Support Services, John Tiso is responsible for contributing to the entire client experience as he works to align processes across sales, implementations, and along each step of the client relationship journey. John started his JMT career in 2008 as a member of the sales team before moving to the internal finance department and working with the same systems JMT partners with day in and day out. Developing a deep understanding of such systems led him to roles as a consultant, implementation expert, and support team manager, each giving him unique perspective and hands-on knowledge that helps in creating an extraordinary experience for every JMT client.