Adaptive Acquisition Update: A Letter from JMT


Like many of you, we too learned yesterday about the acquisition of Adaptive Insights Inc. by Workday Inc. Here at JMT, an event such as this is a reminder of the fluidity of the fast-paced world we live in today and of the importance for us to remain focused on JMT’s mission, to do all that we can to enable nonprofits to better achieve their mission.

The JMT and Adaptive teams will continue to conduct business as usual with an even brighter future for this powerful financial tool. This acquisition is focused on the accelerated growth of the Adaptive product and client base with now far greater resources at their disposal made possible by the tremendously successful and customer-focused company that is Workday Inc.

Through this and other changes that will always be part of the technology landscape, our promise to you is this:

  • The betterment of the nonprofits that we work with today and prospective organizations of tomorrow is our unfaltering mission at JMT
  • JMT will be here to help you navigate the sometimes rough and unclear waters
  • We will be on the front lines, investigating changes in software trends
  • We will be your primary point of contact for support
  • We will be your advocate to the software companies

The world of technology is fluid and ever-changing. Through all of the incredible changes we have seen over the years, from floppy disks and DOS to Windows and Pentium processors, to multi-tenant SaaS solutions, JMT has been here to support the nonprofit community.

Please do not hesitate to call (888.368.2463) or email any of the team at JMT!


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