How the Right Technology Tools can Drive Success in the Catholic Church


The mission of the Catholic Church is to spread the Kingdom of God. It is the cornerstone of every Catholic diocese. But how can dioceses accomplish this mission statement in 2023 (and beyond) if they’re operating like it’s 1985? Technology solutions designed specifically for nonprofits help Catholic churches grow and reach more people – while equipping church leaders with ample information to make smarter decisions for the betterment of their membership body.

Knowledge is power (and empowering)

The recent State of Church Technology report found that 93% of surveyed church leaders agree that technology plays an integral role in meeting their mission’s goals. But not all nonprofit organizations are practicing what they preach: Saleforce’s recent Nonprofit Trends report found that only one in eight nonprofits are considered digitally mature – meaning, they optimize technology for organizational transformation. Here’s why that matters: the report found that digitally mature nonprofits were four times more likely to accomplish their mission objectives and twice more likely to operate more efficiently.

Investing in the right technology-powered tools can help dioceses gain quick, important insights into their financials, operations, members and church needs. Tools like online dashboards ensure everyone has access to the most accurate, up-to-date data. Church staff members can then use this data to inform decision-making, outreach efforts, and communication within your church, childcare facility, schools, or other associated organizations. Increasing digital access will allow a church’s operations to run smoother and achieve more synchroneity between its entities, campuses and various initiatives.

Hiring and keeping the best talent

Digital maturity affects more than a nonprofit’s operational efficiency, fundraising abilities and mission success. The same Salesforce report found that it also impacts company culture: employees at digitally mature nonprofits reported lower levels of burnout and were 3.5 times more likely to be highly motivated at work.

Software that’s designed specifically for nonprofits can alleviate pain points for your church staff through automation, budget management, business intelligence, financial reporting and more. This helps your staff members focus their efforts on the main reason that they joined your church staff in the first place: to fulfill your mission statement and work directly with the members.

Creating a strategic plan for tomorrow – and beyond

Technology is always evolving and is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. Because of this, your church’s short- and long-term plans must be rooted and driven by relevant data and technology-based services. JMT Consulting does the research for you, identifying your organization’s unmet technological needs and providing recommendations for modern, easy-to-use software, developmental tools and training to keep your church running smoothly, both now and into the future. JMT, a Sage Premier Partner, also offers accounting services, financial reporting, budget management, workflow improvement services and cemetery management software – all tailored to the needs of your church.

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