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Paving the Way to Sustainability

Through Improved Grant Management for Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies (CAA) are a special breed of nonprofit agencies. They are the primary source of direct support for the more than 34.5 million people living in poverty in the United States. Community Action Agencies and Head Start Programs serve more than 16 million individuals and more than 3 million families every year.

As a regular exhibitor at the Annual Community Action Partnership Conferences, JMT has talked to dozens of agency leaders and we have found a common theme.  Because the great majority of the dollars for the programs that CAP agencies run come from government grant funding, they are faced with unique financial management challenges – from onerous government reporting requirements to complex allocation rules.  After all, the goal of the CAA is to ensure that they get consistent funding and that the funding is spent not on overhead but on programs and services that support the community.

Many of the agencies we spoke to during the week were looking to either optimize their financial management solutions or implement a new financial management solution.  They were in need to take the pain out of the reporting process and reduce:

  • Manual tracking of financial and operational results through spreadsheets and other manual systems
  • Risk around employment of reasonable and consistent methods for cost allocations, which may result in grants being under/over spent
  • Time to produce financial reports  including not just compliance and funder reports, but also strategically valuable decision support information for organization management

Because JMT Consulting is an independent company and not a software publisher, we are able to help you determine and implement the best modern financial management solutions for your organization.  And because of our extensive work with CAP and Head Start agencies, JMT Consulting is able to provide your organization services that include:

  • Careful evaluation of current systems and processes, reporting requirements and other compliance needs to assist with identification of the right tools to meet goals
  • Acquisition and proper implementation of those tools to achieve automation objectives
  • Ongoing training and support to ensure that those tools and the teams using them are optimized for success

Join satisfied JMT’s satisfied CAP organizations, such as East Bay Community Action Program and Comprehensive Community Action Program.  Find out how partnering with JMT can help your organization reduce overhead costs so you can focus on your objectives.  After all, as we’ve been saying for more than 25 years, “your mission is our business.”

Stop by the JMT booth and talk to us at the Annual CAP Conference, August 29-September 1, 2017 in Philadelphia.

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