Sage Nonprofit Solutions is Now Abila



As many of you may have seen through email communications and press reports, Sage Nonprofit Solutions has completed the next step in their transition to being an independent company.  The company that produces the products known as Sage 100 Fund Accounting (aka “MIP”), Sage Fundraising 50, Millennium and Sage Grant Management will now be known as Abila (“uh-bill-uh”).  The new company website is live and this day marks an extremely positive milestone for everyone involved with the company including customers, partners and members of the nonprofit community that will benefit from the solutions provided by this dynamic new company.

Since the transition was announced earlier this year, JMT has worked closely with our colleagues at the new company to understand not just the mechanics of the ownership change, but what this will mean for our mutual clients and the products long-term.  As we surmised, the change in ownership had an immediate, positive impact manifested as faster decision cycles, more transparency, improved communication and bolder product strategy.  As an example, in just a few short months since the announcement, the new company designed and delivered high-quality mobile apps for Sage 100 Fund Accounting that clearly demonstrates the new company’s commitment to technology investment.

To help minimize confusion as the company’s name changes, Abila has decided to keep some continuity in the product names moving forward, in most cases just dropping the “Sage” brand name.  The following table shows the existing active Sage Nonprofit Solutions product names and the new names that will be used starting immediately:

JMT remains firmly committed to our partnership with Abila and will continue to lead the way as Abila grows market share and strengthens their reputation for quality.  As Abila’s largest Business Partner, we recognize that change of this scope can create confusion and uncertainty, or simply raise basic operational questions about what happens next.  We are here to answer any questions you have and will continue to deliver the gold-level services that you have grown to expect from our firm.