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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Financial Confidence

We all know the story of the “Wizard of Oz” and Dorothy’s journey to follow the yellow brick road in order to reach Emerald City. She chose the path of the unknown and despite all obstacles, the path took her where she needed to be.


Like Dorothy’s journey, it is frightening to many nonprofits to travel down the road unknown in finding new software. But, what if the fear of the unknown can disappear?


In a recent survey conducted by JMT Consulting Group , more than 100 nonprofit financial leaders weighed in on the state of the industry, trends in technology and adoption of cloud-based software. They found that 83 of the nonprofit respondents use Excel spreadsheets to manage their organizations’ financials and budgeting.  But, when asked their “Top Financial Frustrations Within Their Current Infrastructure”, 25 of the 83 chose “the manual process of spreadsheets” as their number one frustration. This drew one inevitable conclusion…You will reach a point where manual processes are draining your productivity and leave you struggling to analyze your financial and operating data.


“The fear of something going wrong by moving to more robust technology is greater than the fear of using outdated and risky technology like spreadsheets.”[1]


Lost productivity and lack of timely access to financial and decision support information can get in the way of making your mission a reality. You need a software solution that can help you deliver on your mission by making the behind the scenes details automate-able, delegate-able and duplicate-able.


While no two nonprofit organizations are exactly the same, many share similar issues, struggles and headaches related to their back office applications. Migrating to a modern financial system will help you to elevate those headaches and help you to:

  • Discover potential inefficiencies in your current system;
  • Identify features that could save you time and resources;
  • Determine the ROI of different system options;
  • Automate, flexible financial processes that adapt to your organizational structure;
  • In-depth, real-time insight into your organization’s financial performance; and
  • Lower IT costs, reducing technology risks.

Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy never steered off path despite all the unknown obstacles along the way to Emerald City. You must gain trust in new technology in order to alleviate the fear of the unknown. By removing the unknown, your path will become clearer through the awareness, understanding and knowledge gained in the process.


And if the road seems long and full of obstacles, you can always find some friends to travel with. JMT Consulting provides expert level recommendations, migration and continued support for the nonprofit industry exclusively. The ruby slippers are entirely optional.


JMT Consulting, your mission is our business.


Click here to download the full white paper, “The Current State of Nonprofit Accounting”.


[1] JMT Consulting, “The Current State of Nonprofit Accounting”, page 3.
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