Breakthrough Fundraising Concepts Pt. 3 – How to Raise Major Gifts in 3 Easy Steps with Peter Heller

Hosted by JMT Consulting
Tuesday, January 11 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
Online Webinar

How to Raise Major Gifts in 3 Easy Steps

Regardless of a nonprofit’s mission or fundraising diversification, if there is no plan in place to identify, cultivate, and solicit Major Gifts from individuals, you are leaving vital funds untapped.

Successful nonprofits possess an ability to connect with wealthy individuals who happily support their cause.

How do nonprofits do this, and how can your organization transition from government and/or foundation dependency to include Major Gifts, and to even make these into your top gifts?

This is done by implementing “The Three Easy Steps” to orient fundraisers to the process of Major Gift fundraising. This is a hands on training using concepts that are then practiced and discussed.

The 3 Easy Steps are:

1. Get Organized
2. Schedule Donor Meetings
3. Go on the Meeting and Ask

We break down the details for each step and provide tools to accomplish this challenging work.

Your Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

Each attendee will understand how to do the Major Gift fundraising process from beginning to end and will take back specific tools and ideas to their office that they can start using the next day. Specifically:

1. Participants will have a list of the 5 main tools for organizing major gift work and examples of how to use these tools.
2. Participants will have hands on experience in scheduling donor meetings including the list of `rules` for doing this successfully.
3. Participants will learn the 3 main types of donor meetings and what to accomplish in each meeting to get closer to and then close the biggest gift possible.

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Peter Heller


Peter Heller is the Founder of the Heller Fundraising Group located in New York City, supporting nonprofits everywhere. The Heller Group builds abundance for nonprofits through customized consulting and training for successful capital campaigns, insightful feasibility studies, and prosperous major gift programs. Peter started the company 17 years ago after a successful career working at large universities working on huge capital campaigns.