Seamless End-To-End Integration of Your Donor Systems

Hosted by JMT Consulting
Tuesday, June 29 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
Online Webinar

How much time does your organization spend exporting, manipulating, and importing spreadsheets across your online giving platform, donor management system/CRM, and accounting application?  Even worse, are you hand keying the data?  Chances are these activities are hindering you from doing the work you were actually hired to do, or you’re working tireless hours and missing out on time with your family, friends, and other activities because you’re trying to get data across multiple systems. 

In this webinar with Venn Technology’s Scott Hollrah, you will see the power of the possible – seamless integration across all aspects of your fundraising process, which will reduce the potential for error and free you to work on the things you’re best at. 

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