How to Achieve Visibility, Control & Efficiency at Your Health Center

In this session, we walk through how Sage Intacct can help you prepare for tomorrow with today’s information.

You will learn:

  • How to track and measure performance and key metrics in real time using dynamic dashboards.
  • How Sage Intacct can integrate with key technology solutions such as your patient billing or case management software.
  • How HIPAA compliance is made easy with Sage Intacct’s security safeguards, which have been certified as HIPAA and HITECH-compliant by Avertium (formerly Sword & Shield).
  • How to eliminate panic and fear during annual Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting by pulling data directly from your system for accurate and timely reports.
  • How JMT’s customizable implementations work with a variety of budgets and timelines to meet the needs of every organization.

Interested in learning more about how Sage Intacct can help your health center operate more efficiently?

Megan Mendiola: Alright. Hello, again, everyone, and thank you for joining us at JMT consulting for our webinar today over visibility control and efficiency for you for your health center featuring stage intacct.

My name is Megan Mendiola and I'm a regional marketing Coordinator here at JMT. I'm also joined by Mark Braisher, Intacct Sales Engineer here at JMT, who will be leading us in our webinar today. I'll introduce him to you all here in a bit.

I wanted to let you know, this webinar is sponsored by JMT consulting. We are an ERP and financial management solutions consulting firm with 28 years of experience specializing in nonprofits. We work with a wide variety of software partners to find the best solution for your nonprofit.

Also, just a few housekeeping notes, I'd like to share with you all. Before we get started.

If you have any questions during the webinar, please go ahead and submit those into the question and answer portion on your control panel.

We're going to go ahead and save those all until the end of the webinar but don't hesitate to go ahead and submit those as you think of them also today's webinar recording and slides will be emailed to you within 24 hours following the conclusion of the webinar.

And now I want to tell you a little bit more about more Braisher.

Mark lives in the Oklahoma City area before coming to JM t as an intact sales engineer. He was actually a CFO himself out a small private college in Oklahoma.

This college was a client of JM t and they actually implemented sage intact into their own own organization under marks leadership.

He takes all that knowledge with him into how he helps NONPROFITS NOW AT JM t. And I'm sure he'll tell you a little bit more about that as well. So without further ado, I'll go ahead and turn it over to you, Mark. To get started.

Mark Braisher: Thank you, Megan. Good afternoon. And thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join with us today. We want to spend just a few minutes talking about health centers and what GMT can do to help you as you carry out your mission and make yourself more more effective.

As Megan mentioned JMT was belt built to help nonprofits achieve their missions by a team of people dedicated to serving nonprofits. Most of our staff and employees or partners here and within GMT have worked with nonprofits before coming to JMT.

Top of that list is our founder Jackie to serve as CFO and controller for numerous number of nonprofit organizations before beginning J empty in 91

Because what she saw was nonprofits having to take a backseat to the for profits in the best of technology and so as she'd gone through a number of implementations herself with software decided that there had to be a better way. And that's the beginning of GMT.

Megan mentioned I'm have been working with nonprofits, most of my life and for 15 years of that I was CFO and nonprofits. And so I've said on your side of the table. I have seen come been where you are, as you look at day to day processes and also as you

Attempt to find what the best solutions are for your office. Your mission is our business. We have thousands of happy nonprofit clients. We do rapid and affordable implementations

With our deep nonprofit expertise and let me iterate that reiterate that one more time. That's all that we work with as nonprofits and so we bring specialty to the table than that. Like no one else

As you can see we have clients all over the United States, with offices scattered across the US as well as in Australia.

So our goals for today's webinar. Are these you've seen these when you received emails concerning this, but we're going to look at how to track and measure performance and key metrics. We're going to look at

How sage integrates with other technology solutions. We're going to talk about HIPAA, we're going to talk about the dreaded UDS reports and then we're going to talk about how GMT customize its implementation to work with you so without any more. Pause Let's step into the stuff so dashboards.

Intacct has a wonderful tool and the dashboards dashboards are in real time take just a moment and look at these here as we look at the dashboards. You can see right here. This one is called role, but I've named it role based

Dashboards CFO one the dashboards are totally customizable. And so as a CFO, controller or whatever position that you hold you can have multiple dashboards for yourself.

But you can also set up and assigned dashboards two different staff members in your office, whether it be grant managers or the CEO or CFO, controller wherever it might be

He had the ability to customize a unique dashboard for those individuals. You also notice just quickly won't spend much time on this today.

But it's but intact is multi entity. And so as you grow, it's going to grow with you. You can see here is we look you can filter these dashboards to whatever you want. Debt intact uses what we call dimensions. Others use segments.

Whatever name that your Chart of Accounts my hat, but in addition to your GL account numbers you have departments funds and up to

10 in the core package and then you can add user defined dimensions as you need them.

With those dimensions, then you're able to filter the data, however you'd like to do it. So, this particular dashboard. You can see these are grayed out has everything all the data up to 11 32,018 the default on that is today.

But obviously, the data demos at different points. And so it set for 2018 the pieces of the puzzle that you have available to you in the dashboard. Are these performance cards.

Requirements cards allow you to keep an eye on on key indicators and if you'll notice here within intact. You have statistical data as well as financial data.

And in the performance cards as well as reports, as you can see right down here and I'll show you more of that in a moment. We'll go back to that.

And you can mix these two. So you have your medical visits and then you have your revenue per medical visit and so you're able to mix those those in your in your

Performance cards and in its performance cards you have graphs that you can create. You can also create static records such as

Your payables and then also any reports that are in the system.

Are able to be put on the dashboard and are accessible from the dashboard. And so if you, you may have non finance people that need to have information.

And they're able to be set up for that on their dashboard and then they are able to drill down within the report as they need to anything within the blue.

Is is able to drill down these numbers such as this are not able to drill down only because if we were able, if this was a live screen. If we were to click over here, we would see that there are sub categories.

Under this service fees and therefore when those opened up, then you would have the ability to drill down so you're able to drill down into any number and you're able to drill down

All the way to the transaction level. But as we look at this, there's something about characteristics of a best in class financial cloudy RP

One is integration, we're going to talk about that, but I wanted to bring up the issue of automation of visibility as in the dashboard, as I mentioned, it's real time as data changes the dashboard changes. And so you're not

taking snapshots of data from yesterday or the day before, but you're getting real time data in the dashboard for whoever needs it whenever they need it.

The next step for us today. Next point is the ability to integrate

Sage Intacct, we like to say plays well with others. That is, it is going to integrate with whatever solution that you might have. There are two ways to integrate there is

If you're coming from another software for example with health centers, your health records.

Can be. It can be integrated and or import, export, import, export. I know that there are horror stories about import, export. I'm here to tell you if using other software's the Intex import, export is one of the easiest smooth this transactions that you'll do once it's set up.

You'll find it very simple to do. But in addition to that,

Intacct has what it calls marketplace partners were integrations are already set up. So there's really three offers three options.

There are those that are already set up with integrations. You can do the import, export from other solution solutions and then you can you can also

Integrations can be created to move from whatever other solutions you have and talking today particularly about health records, but also your payroll. The other expense accounts, your billing

Software, whatever it might be, can integrate into intact. And so one of the things that is is so important for us as we talk to clients or potential clients and I'll mention this every time I do a demo or an alignment call with the client and that is

Our goal with with intact is in as much as we all love who are in the finance world Excel spreadsheets.

Our goal is to keep us out of Excel spreadsheets, as much as possible, not anything against Excel, but so that we're not having to manipulate that data.

Manually, but they were able to do an integration or an Import Export quickly and able to

Allow intact. To do that, manipulation for you to create reports that you need and and move you on your way. And that is that is one of the biggest pieces of intact and reason that we as GMT have chosen it as the this the top accounting software for us.

In addition to that, something that's very important for health centers is the whole issue of security.

Intacct has the ability to be HIPAA compliant in fact AI. AI CPA endorses is the only healthcare accounting software endorsed by them. And so the securities are in the audit trails are in

There's not a whole lot to show you on this at this juncture, but the fact is, you can check that off. Check that off your boxes that it is HIPAA compliant unable to do what you needed to do.

So let's go into one of the day to day things that you deal with and then is reporting reporting customized for you.

And tell clients every day that I'm I'm relatively sure because I understand the infinite is a big number, but that reporting with the intact is almost

Excuse me, is almost infinite, the ability to customize to what you need is is is there in and you will be able to create the

Reports that you need with again without going out to excel and reworking the report. So it looks like it just a few of those. This is

Just a generic report, but I want to point some things out. And this was on

The dashboard. If you notice a moment ago, this is just a statement of revenues and expenditures

Across the various different groups of accounts and and so as you can see, clinics, you see management general fundraising all departments.

But also, in addition to that, what I wanted to point out from this particular report is I'm mixing the financial with statistical data.

And so statistical data met your visits your medical visits dental visits, etc. Those can be pulled in imported from your health records.

mix that with your billing pulled in from your health records and your and and the information that you have an intact and you're able to create reports that you need the key indicators.

So that you can stay on top of those things and make sure that your nonprofit is able to meet its mission, not only today but next week and next year. So it's fascinating what it can do.

Obviously, the ability to highlight the ability. I mentioned the blue being able to drill down the ability with the triangles on the side to expand these into the areas to to sub

Accounts within these all of that is right there within the report itself. So if you send this report or if it's access by somebody say, such as a CEO.

And they need to drill down. They're not in the finance office every day, maybe their expertise is not finance and but they're able to drill down and find the information that they need.

To do what to do. And there's so much more to that and we'd love to show that to you sometime one on one.

Another reports that come up or the UDS reports that just drive FQ FCS several months ago.

Okay, empty made a decision to because we saw FQ HC struggling with things such as this that are very unique to federally qualified health centers and the reports that the government requires of you. And so we began to develop reports specifically for

And so this is, as you probably recognize this is from the government's report the FAQ he he her sir reports. This is table a day top portion of it.

And so that is report from their documentation from their reporting system here is the report from Intacct. And so we have created the exact same report in intact so set up correctly set up with the right information intact and provide those reports to you as we began to do our research.

With FDA sees time and again we heard horror stories of how much time. How many days. How many weeks.

Was taken in completing the hurts or reports we have endeavored to find them to create the setup the dimensions and it's all from the setup. It's not just a matter of reporting the how the system is set up we have customized the system.

To be able to produce reports that will get you where you need to go and all of a sudden, instead of manipulating data, time and time again intact is able to give you the reports that you need.

In addition to the ha of courses that hurts the 90 and you can see here

And what you're seeing here is an interesting thing. You have your funders and one of the dimensions down the left side your Medicaid or Medicare your public funders private funders are down to the self pay and then

How much, those were charged, how much those collective percentage of charges straight from the hurts of 90 report.

I thought it would take just a moment. And we don't have a lot of time today, but to show you some of the way that is that, here's a the layout of the funders, which is one of the dimensions that is set up in intact that we have set up an intact for health centers.

And as you can see by setting up the parent child relationship between the various groups of funders, we are able to create reports I just showed you. So it's all, it's not just a matter of reporting and as a matter of setup and and and the good thing about that is, is that when you

Contract and you partner with with in with GMT, what you're going to get is that expertise and that knowledge to help you set up your system.

So that six months from now, a year from now, you're not looking back and buying a new system is still not doing what you'd had like four to do. We're going to help you create that system so that fits where your needs are.

And that brings us to this point, we are not a software publisher that we do not create software we are consulting

Firm our commitment is to you our commitments, not the any particular software our commitments, not to any particular software publisher. Our commitment.

Is to you. We curated only the best solutions. I mentioned that a moment ago, the intact is one of the reasons that we have chosen intact, among many others, but one of those. I mentioned a moment ago.

Was the fact that they play well with others and we're able to integrate it for many solutions into intact it in and out.

we assemble a perfect for you solution from our ecosystem of best in class partners. Our goal is to take care of you. Our goal is not to sell any particular

Software, but to make sure that you have what you need to run your office. The way you do. We're an end up holding independent consulting firm and

That is why it should be important to you that with intact. Now, let me talk about the final step in the

Outline the agenda that we looked at a moment ago, and that is the issue of customizable services and timelines intact.

Excuse me JMT has worked real hard to create multiple choices customized with choices of complexity and timeline as your needs require

We have created the jumpstart express up to jumpstart choice and then the comprehensive depending on the complexity of your system.

This kind of gives you a glimpse of how long that always comes up is, how long would it take, and for the time that we get things to you sign and we're ready for that first meeting. We can do these in this amount of time and our consulting consulting teams are ready to do that for you.

Now the thing about intact wanted to point out today G rates intact is the highest performer.

You can see some to have a little bit more market presence, not more. But as far as satisfaction by customers intact leads the way that is one of the reasons

That we recommend intact. So that gives you a quick flyby view of intact and what it means for FQ HTS for health centers, overall, you can see that the system is set up who

To be customized for you JM t is set up to be customer to customize that for you.

With as it pertains to health centers themselves. We have done the back work ahead of time and are ready to do that, we have

Clients today that have have bought on because as an FAQ HC they've looked at and said we struggle with these reports every single

Time they come up and this this system seems to be the one to do it. And indeed it is. And it will do it for you. And it's not just intact, but it is JM T consulting

That will help you get there. So I will pause right there and give my throat. Just a brief rest and see if we have any questions, though, that we do.

Megan Mendiola: Thanks so much Mark. So I don't see any questions at the moment, but that's a good reminder if anyone does have any questions over anything we covered today you can put those questions in the Q&A portion on your control panel and we'll read those out. And I think a question.

To just come in. This is a great question is, what's a good next step to learn more.

And I can actually speak on this little bit leads me into what the follow up process is going to look like. So there any additional questions or you're interested in learning more.

Will definitely have a chance to talk through that after the webinar today I'll be reaching out to everyone.

Individually through a phone call, following the webinar for just a more personalized discussion.

Over your organization's needs related to your financial back office to just ensure intact would be a good fit. And you're interested in evaluating that more

From there we can move into a more formal assessment with a solution. So and So consultant and evaluation from there. So that is a great question. So just be looking out for that phone call or email follow up from me this afternoon and I look forward to connecting with you all.

That I think that was the only question that we had come in so far. Mark while we wait for any more questions to come in. I did want to let everyone know

That we have another webinar coming up on November 17 over seamless into integration of your donor systems we do highly recommend you get signed up for that one. If you enjoyed what you saw today.

And you can do so on our website at JM T and that webinar is completely free, like all of our webinars are. And let's see how we have any more questions come in, Mark.

Mark Braisher: I don't see any right now.

Megan Mendiola: Okay, great. Well, like I said, if you have a question that ends up coming to your mind after the webinar. You'll definitely have a chance to ask it during the follow up call. So no worries on that front. So before we close out today. Mark, do you have anything else that you want to add

Mark Braisher: No, I would just reiterate again, the fact that JM T is a consulting firm and regardless of where you're at in the process, or what systems. You're coming in with

Worth the conversation to talk to us and talk to as Megan me reaches out to us talk set up some time to visit further and see what we can do for you.

Megan Mendiola: Yeah. Great. Thank you so much Mark. And thank you everyone for joining us today. We just really appreciate your time. We hope you enjoyed what you saw, and we hope you have a great rest of the day. Thanks so much. Bye.

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