The Work From Home World: How to Keep Your Company Data Safe and Work Effectively

[Featuring Keith Shaffer (Partner, Fairdinkum Consulting) and John Iacono (Partner, Fairdinkum Consulting)]

This session takes a look at how to keep your company’s data safe when utilizing a remote workforce. We discuss how cybercriminals are using COVID-19 to gain access to your data, what safety precautions you can use as a company, and what employees can do to keep a safe work-from-home environment.

Discussion Areas:

• What is Cyber Security?
• Types of methods cybercriminals use to gain access to company networks.
• What you can do as a company to secure your data from cybercriminals.
• What you can do personally at home to work securely and efficiently.
• The cost and dangers associated with getting breached.

CATEGORIES: Expert Speaker Series