June Client Spotlights


Lifesong for Orphans

Lifesong for Orphans seeks to mobilize the Church to care for the orphan, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give. With caring people like you and church partnerships, they support children through global orphan care ministries, Christian adoptive families, and foster care initiatives. Lifesong has been a client of JMT since December 2018.

Tri-County Community Action

Tri-County CAP is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of New Hampshire’s people and communities. They provide opportunities and support for people to learn and grow in self-sufficiency and to get involved in helping their neighbors and improving the conditions in their communities. Tri-County CAP has been a client of JMT since December 2020.

Communication Service for the Deaf

CSD is a constellation of companies that provide products, programs, and services that are designed to create opportunities for deaf people to succeed.

They believe that success, however one chooses to define it, fosters change in public perception about who deaf people are and what they are capable of contributing to society. We also believe that disability is diversity and that deaf identities should be valued and celebrated as a condition of being that adds color and texture to our world. CSD has been a client of JMT since April 2016.


Outreach has been building healthy lives for over 35 years – and the impact of their services can be felt in communities throughout New York.

Their novel vision began with adolescents and their families who were struggling with the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. By opening the first adolescent residential treatment program in New York State, they defined and pioneered substance abuse treatment for children under 18. That vision has expanded into outpatient treatment for adults, with culturally responsive programming for veterans, LGBTQ and native Polish and Spanish speakers. Today they treat thousands of clients in Queens, Brooklyn, Suffolk and Nassau Counties with an eye toward expanding our reach. Outreach has been a client of JMT since May 2007.

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